Entrance to another world in the Ukrainian village

May 26, 2012 10:18

Residents of the small village Mokrotin Zhovkva district, Lviv region believe that their region is the road to the … other worlds.

UFO theme now is no surprise. However, Lviv taxi driver Roman Kindi was not just one of the many witnesses of flight of unidentified flying objects, but also spoke of other no less mysterious phenomena.

Although I knew the road well, though always go astray. Something inexplicably attracted me to the side of the route "

— The evening of 6 May, I received an order to pick up a client of the village Mokrotin — says Roman Kindu. — Know the way well. However, immediately after the regional center Zhovkva surprised to see that constantly loses its way. And this despite the fact that working properly in the car navigator pointed the way to the village! But something inexplicably attracted me to the side of the route — a few times I went back to the same way, even had to ask passers-by where to go. Still getting to the specified address, waited for the client. Finally took a local woman with several shopping bags. Became their load in the trunk, and she said to me: "Look at the sky from the forest. Two UFOs flying there. I've been watching them for an hour. "

At first I thought that she was joking. But in that direction yet looked. Although the sky was completely overcast, on a dark background could be seen distinctly round whitish lights, balls, circling over woodland. They flew from side to side, as if chasing each other. At some point, stopped hanging out as if looking for something. One of the balls and then disappeared, then reappeared. Light show was interrupted in one second: balls just suddenly disappeared, and all.
Behind the wheel, I found that the navigation unit indicates if the machine is not on a rural road, and in the middle of the forest! The name of the village do not light up. On the screen — the forest, far away from the side — the road leading from nowhere to nowhere. So showing the device. Mystery!
Get out of the village helped me tips my client. Explaining how to ride, she casually remarked that such a "hell" comes from them often, but the details did not want to go. Navigator also became normally work only in Lviv.
Explain that for the balls I've seen in the sky, I can not. Lviv is located hundreds of miles from the village, and city lights in the distant lowland, besides hiding behind a big hill, just do not make their way through. There are no discos or show deep in the woods, of course, was not there. And laser beams light mysterious objects not to look like. Imagine, just under the clouds circles — milky, regular shape, small in size. They moved not chaotic, but as if someone ran them: rhythmically and with a specific purpose in a given direction. When we reached the hill, I saw the lights again. Tried to photograph them, but, unfortunately, was almost night and shots did not work. Only one picture is quite possible to consider the glowing balls.
"The place where the taxi driver saw the sky glowing balls — bad. There even cows graze is not allowed, because the whole animal disappears "

According to local residents about any "devilry" us intrigued, and took a taxi driver Roman guides, we went to Mokrotin. It turned out that the anomaly here do not surprise anyone.
— A couple of years ago at our barn villager living on the edge, right next to the forest, a meteorite fell, — says his grandfather, Peter, whom we met near the shop. — Shed, together with all living creatures instantly burned down. They then for us to come out of the field, something explored in place conflagration. True, it never found. A barn-then burned!
— The place where the taxi driver saw balls — bad! — Join the conversation local resident Anna. — That marshy lowland surrounded by forest and a few trees, we even tried to not let the cows because the animal is lost it completely. Afraid to go at night to graze: strange lights in the ground and go, and take off from the ground, in the air hums something like electrical wires under great strain. But the grass in that place, unfortunately, growing beautiful!
— The village is called Mokrotin because what is at large underground rivers — enlighten us a man who identified himself as Nikolai. — They feed water of the regional center, and we also have a central water supply. However, the water "donation" has its disadvantages: due to "bleeding" of underground soil beds in the village often fail, many landslides. We live in the most literal way of holes in the ground. Maybe these are the holes and tunnels in other worlds?
— Do not believe me? — Entered into the conversation, 19, Angelina Protsaylo. — I can show you an amazing thing: a black hole tunnel first "release" double rainbow over our village, and then their "eats." Come to my house …
In the hut Angelina shows us some pictures taken by it in your own backyard.
— I rented a very beautiful and rare double rainbow — says the girl. — And here I see: out of a dark circle, similar to the wheel of the car, takes off one rainbow. Then, like a soap bubble, "circle" blows to the meadow the second, more colorful rainbow, and then — cigar oblong objects. Blinked something grayish sky, like a big rain. At that time I thought that maybe the pressure from me that it dazzled, or something primereschilos. However, printing pictures, found that one end of the rainbow really came out of the sky round the tunnel, which is located at the ground. I doubted the quality of the image. But other photos show the same thing.
We shopped: the photo really seen all in the form of the well, the tunnel comes out a rainbow. Above it extends into the sky one more, "taken off" before. And all this against the background of the woods, over which circled seen Lviv taxi driver glowing balls. Round object "Well", from which rose a rainbow in the sky, there can be no evaporative swamp or mist, as it has a regular round shape, clear boundaries, and clearly visible in the dark, almost black circle. Can it be a "black hole" in the earth? By the way, the circle, according to the woman disappeared with rainbows. Whether "disappeared" in the space, or simply become invisible.

— The photographs really sealed quite unusual — confirmed in his comments physicist Lev Shatunenko. — The very rainbow is a common atmospheric and meteorological phenomenon. Color "rocker" comes from the fact that sunlight is refracted in rain drops floating in the atmosphere. And The images something strange. Unfortunately, only these personnel to explain what was happening at the time with rainbows, I can not. It was necessary to completely shoot happened in the video, and from various points.
— In many ancient myths associated with the rainbow bridge, road or tunnel connecting different worlds — the historian Peter pitching. — For example, in the Scandinavian mythology, the rainbow is the bridge between Midgar (the human world) and Asgard (the world of the gods), and the red stripe on it — the fire, which is harmless to the gods, but man, if he suddenly tries to climb the bridge, burn instantly . The ancient Greeks called the rainbow road Iris — messenger between the worlds of gods and men. Probably not by chance in a book by Frank Baum, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," Dorothy girl, passing under a rainbow falls into a fairyland. Every road leads somewhere …


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