Every year in Germany shoot up to 250 thousand cats and dogs 35 thousand

German trophy hunters are not only wild boar, deer, or, at worst, a wild duck. Each year, it is legal to shoot them up to 250 thousand cats and 35 thousand dogs. Often pets are killed right in front of their owners.

Hunting Act, passed in 1934, states that the cat may be destroyed if removed from the border of the village more than 200 meters. According to game wardens, "They are a real threat to ground-nesting birds and their offspring." Dogs same — whether shepherd or poodle — are allowed to shoot when they are "caught" in the hunting of wild animals — birds, rabbits and foxes.

And make adjustments to the law no one is going. Today, the houses and apartments of Germans live 6.5 million cats and 4.8 million dogs. It is not difficult to imagine the potential damage to wildlife, if all of them would be allowed to freely "travel" through the surrounding fields and woods.

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