Eyewitness: on the Petrograd side walks alien

April 24, 2012 10:48

City residents report new aliens and UFOs.

Eyewitness: on the Petrograd side walks alien

Barely hushed rumors of mysterious flying objects, plying the atmosphere over the Leningrad region, St. Petersburg noticed a keen new UFO. In the night from Saturday to Sunday in the sky to the south-west of the city were seen strange white balls, then disappear, then … there! Neither photos nor videosvidetelstv from eyewitnesses, however, is not.
According to reports coming in to the office, unidentified objects were observed and residents Petrogradka.
— I drank two glasses in the bar, no more, — says Oleg. — Came out to the street, see: is a strange, vague figure who is trying to explain something to me drevnearaviyskom. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to decipher the meaning of the message.
Described facts have not found scientific evidence, but the mystery of the "white balls" seems to have been solved.

 — I live in the "Jubilee quarter." So we have about midnight two lasers work — walked across the sky white spots. Pretty quickly, I must say. No mystery. Perhaps the rehearsal before the May holidays — shared observations Eugene, a resident of the Primorsky district of the city.


Where else have seen UFOs

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