Family of Odessa photographed UFOs


On Saturday, October 25, at about 21:00, a family of Odessa, walking around the city, watching the sky flying 18 luminous objects, consisting of two cone-shaped halves.

Reported by Natalia Filatkina in a letter to the editor of

"Did you manage to remove the camera, and the children to mobile. […] We still abide under the impression" — wrote in a letter from Odessa. She put a picture to it, which are also posted on its website.

Recall Kiev blogger during the fireworks festival at the hem, which took place on June 20, also photographed a UFO.

In turn, the blogger from Malaysia spotted a UFO in the comfort of home — it has led to confusion incomprehensible on a map of Florida in Google Earth. "It's definitely an unidentified flying object. But those who suggest that it is alien craft — dork" — relegating him to one of the readers.

Meanwhile, in July, 77-year-old astronaut Edgar Mitchell said in a radio interview that aliens do exist and have visited Earth, but the government carefully conceal this information.

Mitchell's words were quick to refute at NASA.

In this case, even the official Vatican admits the existence of extraterrestrials.

But scientists have found the reason for the years of attempts to contact the aliens crashed — the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI — Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) by listening to the radio broadcast of the interstellar conducted since the 1960s, but has failed to detect any signal of extraterrestrial artificial origin.

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