Fine-material egregors

January 15, 2012 14:33

Egregors, like people, are multifaceted, though not all and not always. But the majority of them originated in the spiritual world, being distorted and callous parody of true masters of the world — the Deities. But they are after, and now on the fine and subtle-physical egregors.

Mental plan

Mental plane closest to the plane of the soul and spirit, and accordingly it has a very humanity undistorted information. But this, in general, all the positive qualities of the conditional level of consciousness and end. The vast majority of humanity was frozen at the animal, which is trying to learn how to think. For this reason, the mental egregors underdeveloped, small in number and have a rather tenuous connection with humanity, much more real power. In general, they can affect certain small groups of people, such for example, as scientists, writers, politicians, etc. The rest is in a state of suspended animation biomass as an appendage to these groups, mostly playing the role rabsily.

Also, this plan along with human egregors divide not human. For many, probably no secret that humanity is not one thing in the world is living, in addition to a stay here is embodied and embodied community that, in general, and the backbone of the mental plane. So they decide how, when and what to think of humanity, more progressive / thinking of it, and the rest is to embody. This state of affairs has not changed since the beginning of mankind, and the advent of very unlikely to change in the next few million years.

The Astral Plane

If a name is to think and not to think like everyone else — it is the privilege of units, playing with the feelings and emotions, and even more particularly the passions such as lust — that is the lot of the majority. Astral plane, as its component egregors, diverse, and often contradictory, but it is viewed from the human perspective. In fact, the upper astral despite all its glittering pomp, just craves worship, as well as his dark reflection — the lower astral. Since all the basic human needs are dictated by instinct, the cult of sex and food dominates all people — especially from exalted mental daffodils to absolutely wild animals-people. Egregors both worlds just took advantage of this, almost having attached tightly to the natural physiological needs, providing themselves in general, free lifetime supply. It may be added that the two worlds there is a third, relatively it can be called middle astral. It is more everyday, so to speak, not light and dark, and the usual gray and boring, as human life.

Unlike people egregors know that a person does not die, but just off the perception of the projection of the physical plane, bringing attention to the subtler planes, where he continued his game under their strict egregornym attention. So was concocted story about the ascension into the upper astral / paradise and enjoy a refined shape and its opposite, as it were — of the lower astral NizNesenie / hell, where the forms are more rude. But even there, and there you will find the continuation of the game in person, only in a less dense form, but the essence of the game remains the same — you are the same as in life will be battery for egregore.

Ethereal Plane

If the matter is finished building, the air is a drawing in which the very fabric of this built. So no wonder the fact that essential egregors despite the narrowness of consciousness and forms of rudeness more power over people than the same of their lower-astral counterparts.

Challenge the law and the laws of essential egregores difficult and pointless, their power monstrously large it as black and unassailable wall, closed an entire horizon with the sun. Therefore, in the air there is always a "night", and people sleep without realizing his dream, they in suspended animation, and only support egregors humanity needed to further the state of suspended animation. How much it will last depends on humanity, which sleeps egregores of living due to the fact that people are sleeping. The sleep of reason always generates monsters, and if the dream lasts for millions of years, what kind and how much should be monsters? The answer to this question know themselves monster that is essential egregors, as they know that everything can change, if it would be the desire of people. But the more like sleeping, so egregors fulfill the desire of the majority, giving them forgotten, in which humanity plays the role of Sleeping Beauty.

Perhaps the children's dream of humanity would have been fine if I would not constant nightmare, from which it is impossible to wake up. And those who wakes up I have to state the fact that it is easier to sleep than to constantly run from the Sentinels.


Night and soundly nightmare of humanity is a matter which restricts the already narrow scope, bringing the inertia of any motion of absurdity. As in the air, and here has its egregors quite possible that electromagnetic fields are one of them. Their long and hard to study science, but their parents, if I may say so, fine-physical egregores no one knows, and if they know it is silent. Physicists are still far from the level of understanding of this matter, which is behind the atomic world, and who decides what matter at all to be. This world is an intermediate between the dense layers of the ether and the subtle energies of matter.

About him little is known, except that the one who can at this level to control your body will become immortal in the literal sense. Although not in the same form as people imagine it, because they look very limited.

Unconditional is much complicated (s) Ney and / or easier than described above but it all comes with experience. The experience comes in the knowledge of the world through himself as one of the many parts of this Mystery of the Eternal …

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