Fined per share from the KGB: Stood with candles 30 seconds

Participants of the rally of solidarity with the prisoners of the KGB jail were told how they were detained and a judge.

Actor "Free Theatre" Nikita Volod'ko says, had to stand with candles less than a minute, like a candle knocked out of the hands of a police officer in a black dress. Detained a young man when, after the end of the promotion, he went from the KGB building houses:

"I was walking with his mother and younger sister. She is a little girl, she was just 7 years old. Ran up and just started to pull me away from them. My sister started to cry heavily. This is the video, I think, on the "Our field."

Nikita judged Volod'ko judge of the Central District Victoria Shabunya. She is considered an administrative action and Cyril Kudrova, detained together with Volod'ko the KGB. Both were sentenced to a fine of 30 basic units — is 1000050 rubles. According to human rights activists, "Spring", on the process did not allow relatives. Arguments of counsel, that as a street action was not, as the distance from the spark does not have such action, the judge did not act. Nikita Volod'ko said, "Freedom," which kept him very hard, even though he had no resistance, but the police in the district department treated correctly. Why him and Cyril Kudrova condemned, Nikita is not. "The behavior we are not determined. I think it was just an order at least someone to punish. "

According to human rights activists, along with Volod'ko Kudrovo and detained 20 others, who were also taken to the central police department and released after verification of the documents without being drawn up. According to information not grow arrested near KGB, and the approaches to the institution, including quite far from it. Mentions detained, who asked not to be named:

Some even took to the streets near the train station or Maxim Tank — far enough.

"We were detained near the restaurant" Planet Sushi ". Some even took to the streets near the train station or Maxim Tank — far enough. As we sat in the van until we were taken to the police department, we have heard their talks, they agreed not to take people at gunpoint video cameras. "

Later, all the output from the Independence Square, in front of witnesses detained prominent activist 90s Valeriy Sedov, which at the time of ignition znichak at Red Church publicly demanded freedom for political prisoners and "trial Alexander Lukashenko. " Information about the whereabouts of Valery Sedov, no one has human rights activists, nor journalists. On the eve of the detention Sedov told reporters that it is "likely to be caught."

Valeriy Sedov

Relatives of the four ex-presidential candidates, which are kept in the KGB prison, saying that much news about them. Says Milan Michalevic, wife Ales Mikhalevich:

"From Ales nothing. The lawyer was trying to go through it again, standing in line, but to no avail. On the letter, I told you, that's learned that and other parishes are the same, very strange letters — in content, the handwriting, the words. Today we have with other relatives at the Embassy of Poland. "

Lawyers for the arrested presidential candidates is once again could not get to their clients. Defender Vladimir Neklyaeva Tamara Sidorenko said:

"Today I received a reply to my head the investigation of a complaint that is not secured our right to meet. It says that my complaint sent to the KGB detention center. Thus, there is a correspondence in a circle — "to provide, take care." And take real action — we'll see. "


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