Fire Eagle Nest — Volcano or traces of a UFO?

March 31, 2012 7:29

Are there places on the planet, which is called a fashionable phrase — anomalous zone? According to scientists, these zones do not exist. Even the disappearance of the infamous Bermuda Triangle ships and planes with passengers modern science to explain.

But a few years ago on one of the fairly prestigious scientific conferences were shown photographs Patomskiy crater in the hall came a silence …

In the forest on the background of bright green is gray and gloomy mountain. The top of it was cut off even though the knife. This mountain is visible from a distance and eye-catching.

Scientists estimate that its creation would have the stones with a total weight would have been more than half a million tons.

This incredible creature, created by an unknown author, is located near the city Bodaybo in Irkutsk region. It in 1949, local geologists have discovered and named Patom crater.

Believe that Patom crater more than five hundred years.

Locals call Patom crater very romantic — "Fire Eagle's Nest." They try not to come close to him, because It was here, near the crater are very strange deaths.

Nomadic Yakuts say that in the vicinity of the crater are mystical experiences. Family Yakuts, of which as many as four generations have always lived near the "Eagle's Nest" took a very strange event: for many years, every head of the family does not die a natural death, and a few years ago, their house was empty at all. The whole family was gone, and in the house after they were valuable items, clothing, etc., which were scattered in the house, and around it.

Another strange event: the hunter, who butchered a crater killed in the same deer, shot himself with his rifle in his mouth. Yakuts now never take arms to the crater, as everyone who comes there with him, from him and die. And then the weapons can not be found.

Local residents say that next to this godforsaken place even deer are uncomfortable, not to mention the people.

For many years it was not possible to investigate Patom crater. Thus, during the first expedition took him quite creepy case: on the way to the crater from sudden cardiac arrest due to a massive heart attack right on the trail died geologist from Irkutsk E.Vorobev. It should be noted that a geologist had never complained of heart and led a healthy lifestyle.
So what was it? Do Patom crater chosen his next victim?

At present there are several versions of what are the "Fire Eagle Nest":

The first version — this is a fragment of the Tunguska meteorite, but the annual rings of the crater indicates its earlier origin.

The second version — is a volcano, but for many millions of years in this area have been no volcanic activity, and the detailed study of the crater showed that it is a volcanic formation.

The third version — the crater was formed by the mysterious depths of the explosion, however, and it is unfounded.

Fourth — this version is perhaps the most logical: crater was formed in the fall of superdense object. The nature of the structure of the crater suggests that if many centuries ago in the land etched sufficiently dense body and not destroy, but only dismembered soft terrestrial rocks, then over time, under the influence of processes vzaimosmenyayuschihsya freezing-thawing earth formation of this earth can rock to the surface it is in the correct form of a cone.

The fifth version suggests that the crater — the creation of an ancient civilization, but if a crater about five hundred years, the ancient civilization, however.

Finally, the sixth version — is a fragment of a neutron star. It may well be that Patom crater was formed by a falling object is dense enough that not only did not explode, but the mountain was smooth, like a knife through butter. Theoretically this could be the object of a splinter from the huge density of a neutron star, which is literally right through "ask" the earth's surface, a little before reaching the other side. A similar phenomenon has been observed talking on our planet, where two of the meteorite with a very small amount, punched through the planet, came from the other side, causing a minor earthquake with a magnitude of four points. As it is very unlikely, but the fact she and version.
So what scientists have found about this anomaly, called Patom crater?

It turns out that trees growing around the crater, in the fifties of the last century did not grow, but usually just a twenty such places completely overgrown.

Some stones crater literally turn into the sand under your feet. Scientists explain this phenomenon is the movement of rock along the vertical. Likely to fill the void between the deep limestone rubble. This fact is also confirmed by the presence of sufficient water, which immediately come to the surface, one has only to dig around the crater meter pit.

On probing, it was determined that at a depth of about 150 meters there is a magnetic anomalous zone, it is possible that it is — an alloy of substances containing iron, of about forty meters.

Another incredible fact — background radiation near the crater itself is low, but increases as the distance from it (from five to eleven microroentgen). Thus, the sudden death not related to high radiation.

One of the latter, to explore the "Fire Eagle Nest" was organized and financed by "Channel" and "Komsomolskaya Pravda" expedition, which has decided to move from the theoretical to the practical research.

Despite the mystique and notoriety Patomskiy crater gather scientists proved easy enough. The expedition had two Ph.D., professor of Irkutsk, Irkutsk observatory director, and others, a total of twelve people, including nine scientists and three journalists.

The objective of the expedition was to study rock samples is in the crater, analyzes of air and soil, cut down a tree in the area of the anomaly, as well as an attempt to understand what actually is in the crater itself at a sufficient depth.

Right from the versions were all swept away, leaving only two: the meteorite and volcanic.

The first version looks quite logical. About the Tunguska meteorite serious and knowledgeable scientists do not like to talk in public, however, if we assume that the meteorite, which was not found in the Irkutsk region, fell in the Krasnoyarsk region. Where on the line to Patomskiy crater seven hundred kilometers. What is the distance to the car, flying at a speed of about 70km/sek — only some ten seconds of flight. Maybe our Patom crater is a funnel, the remainder of the Tunguska meteorite. Is that so?

Magnetic measurements, produced by proton magnetometer — today most rapid way to determine the iron layers. Very fortunate that Patom crater is located in an area that does not have iron ore deposits, ie magnetic field can be determined without the influence of the surrounding iron or ferromagnetic.

Thus, if it appears suddenly, that the magnetic field in the crater will be higher than its surroundings, it will only mean that it is a something that has, say, titanium.

Measurements were made very carefully and quite planamerno. But it was worth it: by the scientists under Patom crater located something, or a meteor or a space ship, something that contains a lot of iron or ferromagnetic. And that something is at a depth of 150 meters, and so changes the magnetic field that the devices are able to capture the change in the distance, twice the size of the crater.

Scientists are not fully resolved the question of the origin of any, or of the nature Patomskiy crater, but quite definite conclusions have been made:
— Nowhere in the world is no longer such an anomaly;
— the cause of the magnetic anomaly is an object, located at a depth of more than a hundred meters;
— Patom crater to this day is alive: it is constantly changing its shape, getting up and down.

They say, in Siberia, on the border with the Republic of Khakassia, Tyva there a crater, but much less Patomskiy. About Sayan pass between the rivers large and it is a crater, which has perfectly round, he, as well as his older brother — Patom crater, located on a hillside and has the shape of a truncated cone. Visual observation makes it possible to conclude that it is not quite that old, at least the stones, which are composed of the crater, had not yet been well weathered. Even in the height of it is not very high — the height of the outer walls — from ten to fifteen meters in external diameter of about one hundred meters. The only thing that is totally different from Patomskiy crater is the presence within it is not a convex cone, and perfectly circular area with a diameter of about five meters.

Here's another mystery on the planet that you want to explore. And while scientists understand the first mystery.

Badoybinsky area, located in the Republic of Buryatia, hiding in his place, the secret is sleep deprived many scientists around the world. Recently, there was sent to some pretty expensive expeditions equipped with the latest technology. However, none of them found a clear answer to the question: why and how did this strange phenomenon, this huge object, which can be seen even from space. The name of this object — Patom crater.

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