Flooding in Kuzbass come a week later than last year

Opening the rivers of ice in the Kemerovo region this year is expected to be a week later, from 14 to 25 April, said Tuesday the City Council of Novokuznetsk.

In Novokuznetsk (the largest city of Kuzbass, situated on the banks of the river Tom) and Novokuznetsk district currently is cutting ice on small rivers, which are located along the village. Workers clearing the bank and channel. The authorities of the Kemerovo region said earlier that spring 2013 is expected in "1.5 times more water" than in spring 2012.

In 2012, the ice flow in the main artery of the Kemerovo region began on April 7-8.

This time, the rivers will run 60 hydrological stations. Regional budget for flood protection will spend 15 million rubles. The remaining money will allocate municipalities. In particular, Novokuznetsk against the "big water" will spend about 30 million rubles.

"At the time of opening of the rivers, the formation of ice jams in the upper reaches of the river Tom and its tributaries — Mras-Su Kabyrza, condoms, which may lead to a sharp rise in water and flooding … settlements" — said in a statement.

In the city council added that in the period from November to February fell 1.5 times more rainfall. Ice thickness on Tom reaches 49-62 centimeters, which is below normal by 2-10 centimeters. In Novokuznetsk ice thickness reaches 49 cm.

For Novokuznetsk devastating flood was in 2004. Even water flooded roads in the central area of the city. Level rise of Tom River was 8.17 meters, which is several times higher than critical.

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