Flying Dutchman found in the Cordillera

February 1, 2012 10:10

In maritime folklore of the most common stories of ghost ships, which can be seen not only at sea but also on land. The most famous of them — "The Flying Dutchman." According to legend, this ship with a team dead on board from time to time appear off the coasts of Western Europe, and the meeting with him, is believed to bode disaster.

July 11, 1881 saw the ghost ship the future King of England George V. It happened near Sydney. Early in the morning the crew noticed near his ship brig, surrounded by mysterious reddish glow. On board it was empty. In the eyes of 13 people ship suddenly vanished in the air …

Sailors took this phenomenon for a bad sign. Indeed, soon one of the sailors fell from eyewitnesses yards and died. And then killed the admiral, on that fateful hour was on the ship.

Paranormal researchers believe that perhaps it is either on hronomirazhah — "reflection" of past reality, or of real, material objects, landed in the space-time "hole." Because, as you know, from time to time in the sea discover ships without crew or with dead bodies on board. If you switch to a different dimension disintegration of matter is thought to occur on the individual atoms, which can lead to unpredictable consequences …

Even more amazing story of the "ghost ship" happened in 2006. Group of climbers returned back after climbing to one of the peaks of the Cordillera. The rising blizzard forced them to change the route. When they reached the modest mountain gorge, the travelers could not believe their eyes: the rocks and ice in front of them stood the bulk of the ship!

Roger Feynstoun, first noticed the find, at first decided that he started hallucinating. But his comrades saw before them the same thing — the ship's rusted hulk.

Of course, they have been known cases where the ocean and coasts found vessels with crew disappeared or dead crew, and all things were in place: the picture looked like the disappearance or death of people suddenly caught. But it all turned out differently. Examining the rusty vessel, the climbers found that there is not human remains, nor any of things, including the ship's log. Lacking even the furniture and navigation equipment. But the most surprising — on board did not appear on either the name or port. All part numbers and seals manufacturers were deliberately erased if someone's hand. From information signs on the bulkheads were only holes for the screws.

Next it became even more interesting. While on board, our researchers suddenly felt an irrational fear, they began to think about what will happen to them something terrible, and they hurried to leave the ghost ship.

Back home, climbers, of course, told of his discovery scientists and journalists. At first they did not believe them, they decided that the story of the "ghost ship" in the mountains — it's some kind of joke. But storytellers presented photographs that served as irrefutable proof of the truth.

Paranormal investigator Oscar Burns said that, judging by the pictures, the vessel was built in Europe before the war. But that's how it got to the mountains? Bernsen is going to find out, personally went in search of ghost ship. So far he has two versions: either the vessel was moved to the valley by aliens, or it got there in the Bermuda triangle because there many ships disappeared, and what happened to them then — unknown.

Meanwhile, if to think sensibly, there are other options to explain the mystery of the ship, "moored" in the Cordillera. For example, it entered into captivity to the pirates, who, killing sailors and capturing prey, literally gutted the ship, so that no one attacked his trail, and hidden in a safe place. But they managed to get him into the mountains? Why was this necessary? And what happened to the remains of the people? Thrown into the sea?

One can also assume that the vessel there was some tragedy during World War II. Then, in the oceans and really lost a lot of ships, and find them, or get some information about them was not possible. Moreover, it could be a military secret. It is possible that all the "markings" on the padded enemy ship destroyed by order of the authorities of the country to which it was assigned.

Finally, the ship could loot looters, although again it is not clear why they had to erase all traces that could point to the origin of the ship?

And one more, this time completely "supernatural" explanation. What if our heroes were in the most powerful of the anomalous zone, which can change the properties of organic and inorganic matter and over the years turned the ship into an empty box? For good reason the people there had a funny feeling! Or — the ship really was a phantom, for a time from his ghostly vynyrnuvshim reality and even allowed to examine themselves and to film?

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