Forecasters promise a moderately cold winter in Russia

Upcoming winter across Russia will be moderately cold compared to historical averages. This was announced on September 8 press conference at the Itar-Tass head Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

The coldest winter months in Russia will be in January, when the expected "very cold weather because of the penetration of blocking cold air from the northern latitudes." For example, in Moscow in January will be at least 12-14 days, when the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius, and are critical for power engineers of days with temperatures below 25 degrees — at least two or three.

In St. Petersburg, the residents have to go through 7-8 days with 15-degree cold. One-day temperatures can drop to 20 degrees. But, as promised Roshydromet head, below 30 degrees Celsius will not.

MOSCOW, September 8 — RIA Novosti.Experts predict moderately cold and quite snowy winter in most parts of Russia, told reporters Thursday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

According to him, November will be quite warm, temperatures across most of the country will be close to normal. Temperature drops below normal in the southern Urals and Chukotka. Entering the winter, according to Frolov, soft enough to be in the transitional months will be a lot of thaws.

"Winter can be described as moderately cold in most parts of Russia. January will be cold throughout the country," — he said.

Weather temperature in Russia in December 2011December, according to the head of Roshydromet, too, will be close to normal, but the rate is calculated from the monthly average temperature from 1960 to 1990, when there began a significant warming.

"So psychologically a" normal "winter will be perceived as cold as we are accustomed to warm winters," — said Frolov.

In January, almost the entire territory of the country the temperature is lower than normal, and in the southern Urals is much lower. "This is a blocking anticyclone, which occurs because of the inflow of cold air from the Arctic" — said Frolov.

According to him, in February will be close to normal, but in the north-west Russia are expected extreme cold.

Weather temperature in Russia in January 2011Frosty January

In January, in Moscow and in the central regions of Russia for two or three days the temperature will fall below 25 degrees Celsius, and in one to two days — below 30, the head of Hydromet.

"The largest number of days the temperature below 15 degrees Celsius expected in January — from 12 to 14 days below 25 degrees — at least two to three days. Perhaps brief temperature drop below 30 degrees for a day or two," — said Frolov.

Weather temperature in Russia in February 2011According to him, in the North-West Federal District and St. Petersburg, the winter will be a little bit softer, in January and February in the region will be seven or eight days, when the temperature is below 15 degrees. As expected, the temperature is below 25 degrees will fall within one or two days.

In Novosibirsk, according to Frolov, December 12 to 13 days the temperature is below 25 degrees and below 30 degrees — for two to three days.

Unpredictable rainfall

Asked about the rainfall in the coming winter, Frolov noted that precipitation is much more difficult to predict than temperature.

"However, if we compare the data from the long-term forecast of the temperature, it can be assumed that the coming winter will be enough snow," — said the head of Hydromet.

He added that the relatively cold winter may be due to "tepleyuschey Arctic."

"Pole of cold, we are on the continent in Yakutsk, and the cold comes to us from the north-east. Warming in the Arctic helps north-east transport, so tepleyuschaya means Arctic cold continent," — said Frolov.

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