Found the tomb of the last ruler of the Inca Empire

March 6, 2012 19:14

In Ecuador, found probably the last refuge of the last ruler of the Inca Empire Atahualpa, who was taken hostage by the Spanish conquistadors and treacherously strangled in 1533. So far, his burial place was unknown, and only a two-year survey of archaeologists led by Tamara Estupinan in the Andes, it seems, put an end to this ancient mystery.

 In a mountainous area called Macha, which is translated from the language of Quechua Indians as "grave", not far from the usual farm for breeding fighting cocks, the scientists discovered the ruins of the ancient walls, aqueducts and other buildings belonging to the late period of the Inca Empire. Among them we can find the remains of buildings with polished stone, which was once the center of a modest settlement.
Historian Tamara Estupinan convinced that here were to find peace remains of Atahualpa, and later his supporters have made this place the Spanish stronghold of resistance to the invaders.
Atahualpa name is inextricably linked with intrigue, which is still a breathtaking adventure seekers, excites the imagination of scientists and adventurers. According to the most conservative estimates, by order of the governor Incas hid about 400 tons of gold, which may be languishing in secret vaults for better times.

Irina Semchishina

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