From old age to youth

November 7, 2011 10:22

Between clouds and the ground, inside the cloud and on soils, sometimes observed happening is that "never dreamed of in your philosophy."

Enough to look through a book of Russian doctor, lexicographer and collector of folklore PA Shumanskogo "Dreams of Reality", in the nineties XIX century tirelessly traveled the vast expanses of the Eastern and Western Siberia.

Referring to the monograph, which are now a rarity, a couple of years ago, translated into English and published in Washington. Especially intriguing in her sudden rejuvenation of the people killed, at least spared lightning. Shumansky chronologically cites three such fact.

1892. Chugunak village: "When equestrian systems moved in cedar taiga, to the left of us was a stormy and clear river, full of fish grayling, our usual sustenance. August 19, again near the river, under the hooves of my horse rolled into a ball of fire, until the top of the crown observed on a large willow. Ball stopped, waited, and dimly shone rosy. Squeezed headache. I am in a hurry. Ball, expanding and shrinking, stood like waiting. I let a horse halter. However, on my mark with his horses made satellites. We walked slowly down the narrow path. The ball rolled in front of us.

At a bare, almost without grass meadow ball lazily rolled into the cedars. Having decided to stay the night, put the canopy. By morning there was a canopy over the noise of wings big bird. Curious, I got up and came out, immediately noticing the fire burning near the river. Fires without my orders have not bred. That was an old acquaintance — a glowing ball inside. There was a sense of impending disaster. Ball, also broke away from the grass, started flying, silently circling over tents. He fell to the forest on the far tent, making stuff on fire. Beaten with fire on their possibilities. Did not help. Tent burned down. In the smoke choked conductor Theodore melon, the old man of seventy-odd years.

Fedor decided to bury the meadow. Ready to noon, putting the body of our friend on the awning. Storm hit the hardest. First, fiery spear struck an empty cast-iron pot, splitting in two. The next was Fedor. We watched the fiery licks his hand, forming clouds of steam over the grass. When the sky was quiet and brightened, approached. Fedor is not lying since we put him, and stretched his arms. He began very young. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin became firmer, infant pink. Evidence metamorphosis appearance melon could be made by me Pictures not appear they illuminated, as it turned out chemical treatment in Tomsk.

1895. Village Kolpashevo "Spacious rooms in the chopped his home on the banks of the Ob gave me a friend, a district foreman Kavtunov Savely, who fears nothing except thunderstorms.

We wandered the woods with him in a pair. Noting that, if to go, be sure to lure the ball-ognevik. Let's go. Ball — towards skipping. After the rain the ball disappeared. Go back home, he is a faithful dog on the porch waiting. What to do? The door shut and bolted. It, down to the size of the potatoes, enters the house, flowing on the iron door linings — a bolt, lock, nails. Flows and long hanging bunch of grapes.

Savely, who is tired of the neighborhood, once, when a bunch of small balls of green and bright light illuminated the chamber, clutching at her butt. Fire flattened, and, having become something of a whip, hlestanul hissing fire on the windowpane. Glass from contact with the fiery crash shattered. Behind the Curtain slept elders aged mother, takes the desperate cry. Screen on fire, extinguished our kvass, standing in a barrel. The old woman died, apparently from fright. Savely was a widower. Mother loved. Without it, the house was empty. He and anguish has not stretched.

I suppose that the reason of his death was still hit by the changes seen in the appearance of the mother. Women who had known her mother elders in his youth, said, and saw it all she amazingly rejuvenated, becoming the same as it was in the brides.

As for my future relations with fireballs: after leaving Kolpashevo, where I participated in took an anatomical study of the body of the deceased mother Savely, I can vouch that they accompanied me relentlessly. Autopsy on the deceased showed that senile changes in internal organs missing. They were the bodies of a strong man in the prime of youth.

1897. Tomsk: "With the Countess Maria Nikolaevna Savelyeva, my distant cousin, I was brought together, even before entering the University of St. Petersburg. Life is so ordered that her cousin, I saw each other after thirty years after separation, the general's widow finds her.

Knowing the correspondence with me about my passion for collecting fairy folklore, that I am not a stranger to indulge in all sorts of adventures, Maria, when I was a guest in the home of our childhood, decided to solve the mystery of her mother, who had died two years before my arrival.

Maria revealed that during a boat ride on the river bumped spontaneous thunderstorm and lightning just struck oarlocks, going through her mother's hand, caused a paralysis of the arm, and have failed. This would be so bad. The old lady was speechless, speechless. From outside the family was forced to hide another. That is to say, a lightning victim rejuvenation sailing in bad weather. Vosmidesyatitrehletnyaya my aunt younger whole body, not just the person to a flourishing condition, attractiveness inherent her young pore. This condition lasted for long, maybe three or four months. In another storm, when the house shook horrendous thunder claps, aunt tried to protect his hand. When, after the thunder from before hand to take away, Maria saw that it has grown beyond recognition. Returned it to my aunt, and she said that was going to die, more than with anyone else does not want. Even refused to unsubscribe in favor of his son part of the inheritance. Forcing it did not. Loving and cherished. She walked in his sleep, quietly, as a person moves from a light heart and a gentle disposition. "

The findings outlined PA Shumanskim not such a rarity. Medical sources in different countries and different years contain a lot of evidence that, when exposed to a strong stress factors — lightning, explosions, fires, and all kinds of disasters — the biological clock of individuals are starting to go the other way.

French neurologist and psychiatrist Jean Martin Charcot perceptively notices that "the trigger, the trigger mechanism for the flow of time in the opposite direction, is activated when the short-term, life-threatening health conditions and forms a stable gipnoidnye hysterical, causing fear. In this case, the victims either die or remain to live. "

Our compatriot, a neurologist and psychiatrist VM Bekhterev, answering the question of why old people sometimes dramatically younger, not without humor, replied that this would happen, if in the dark, suddenly stepped on a rake. It turns out that the elixir of youth may become banal shock. That's just why young dead or alive, but in a short time?

Alexander Dmitriev

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