Funeral priests attract aliens


UFO's sister visited the funeral of Archbishop Basil Zaporozhye and Melitopol: over the temple, where the funeral took place, there was an unknown object.

A lot of people had gathered near St. Nicholas Church to pay their last tribute to Nina Zlotolinskoy — Director of Church Diocese store and the sister of the Archbishop of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Basil. Throughout his life, Nina served God, the church and the people. Supplied the church plate all three parishes Zaporozhye, and it's just a titanic task. She was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, St. Barbara, the Holy Nativity and many other church awards.

At the funeral came, not only friends and parishioners, but the Cossacks, who considered Zlotolinskuyu his patroness. Among the Zaporozhye Cossacks and was ufologist Vladislav Buzzard, who never parted with his camera. Back home, the man began to view the captured images and the dome of the temple noticed a strange object.

— When photographed, do not circled above the church, that's for sure, — assured us Vladislav. — I shot from different angles, turned around 360 degrees, but in all cases the UFO at the same place. Just this fact proves that weird object in the sky — not a bird or a plane.

— Perhaps not aliens, and the Lord showed himself so. After all, Nina was a very compassionate and caring person. The main motto of her life: "Help people hot hands" — reflects the Archbishop Basil Zaporozhye and Melitopol. — She once worked for a long time in law enforcement (down came the rank of General of Justice.. — Ed.) And is devoted to the interrogation. There were those who did not want to talk, but Nina has always found a common language with them. On her good deeds can talk for hours.

By the way, last year, Vladislav Buzzard has managed to capture the plate over the St. Basil's Cathedral in Kiev, when his discovery was going almost the entire city. The current case is added to it in confidence that the aliens are attracted public events, especially near the sacred sites. After all, temples and churches going strong and emotional energy flow.

It's not a UFO, and other anomaly

According to Dmitry's father, a spokesman for the Diocese of Zaporozhye, the Church does not recognize the existence of UFOs, aliens and aliens. But to deny that during worship anomalies are also impossible. Sometimes over the domes of the church parishioners see strange things, but church leaders perceive as the grace of God, the manifestation of a miracle. So, the pictures of the temple in Jerusalem at the time of transmission of the Holy Fire appeared amazing light beams, which had never before seen there.

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