Ghost girl, killed her mother, was in the camera surveillance in the Tver region

January 31, 2013 18:55

Start recording — a ghost, so far, no, the trail comes the man
Photo: A shot record video provided by "KP" Andrew Kochetov

The village Strelchiha, in the wilds of Tver region, the villagers are scared unexplained phenomenon, which appeared in their edges right on the day of the Epiphany — January 19.

— Horror, mystery kind, ghost, no less — local whisper, looking at the video that captured the cameras village Kochetova Andrew Ranger. Man lives in seclusion, surrounded the perimeter of his home surveillance cameras.

On the record shows how the snowy trail passes a man, one of the locals, and a second later from somewhere to the right appears luminous, spherical, translucent stain. The left, the shadowy spot, almost at walking pace, moving on uneven path and disappears behind the scenes.

— I installed a surveillance camera for a long time, it's my hobby. When I saw the ghost — dumbfounded. The camera is pointed in the direction of my bath, followed by a few sites and the forest, — said Andrey "Komsomolskaya Pravda". — In the woods in October last year and three year old girl was killed …

Now Andrew and other local, peering into luminous spot, distinguish in it the human form. — This is my dear Gulnara, clean, can not leave us, — whisper villagers.

Terrible murder occurred in Strelchihe in early October 2012. In the village came to the stranger with a baby. Later the investigators found out that it was a 30-year-old nurse from town Kimry Tatiana Vinnikov with three-year daughter Gulnara.

— She asked to stay, but we did not let her, Who knows, that man in the head — one by one shyly told local. The night a woman with a child has taken to itself only Tatiana Krylova, owner of the last house in the village.
— It was strange — the eyes are empty … — says Tatiana. — In the morning, took the little girl in her arms and went …

On the record appears translucent luminous spot, which embraced a local ghost girl
Photo: A shot record video provided by "KP" Andrew Kochetov

Recent footage of Tatiana, holding the hand of a girl in the dark wandering around the village, the camera captured again Andrew Kochetova.
— On the record shows it, holding a child's hand, comes to my gate and looks at the house, then leaves. On the next record is already one, again coming to the house, acting strange. Pulls the gate, does not ring, leaves, comes back … It is terrible to look at it — Andrei passes record "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Andrew Kochetov sure camera caught ghost
Photo: Alex clubhand

Nurse went close — to the edge of the forest, the 400 meters from the village. There she smothered his three-year daughter.

— The woman said she killed the baby because the girl allegedly was sick and she could not contain her one. Her words were not confirmed — the girl was healthy — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" head Kimry Interdistrict Investigation Department Svetlana Goremychkin. — Talk about some parallel worlds, there is reason to believe that mental health it is not all right.

So it turned out — psychiatric examination confirmed insanity mother-killer. Frightened residents Strelchihi want to call the village priest.
— Let the priest consecrate the murder, sprinkle holy water, maybe more ghost and will not appear — hope villagers.

— One sees in the eyes and mouth spot, others — small hands and feet, the people scared, — said Andrey Kochetov. — I spoke to the old woman, they claim to have seen this spot a few times …

Phantom moves over uneven path
Photo: A shot record video provided by "KP" Andrew Kochetov

In the direction the camera is aimed, in the evening, and it was at 23:23 on January 19, there were no cars, no people. Residents Strelchihi sure it was a ghost, as a luminous point was flying along the road on the Epiphany, when, according to popular belief, the line between the real world and the next is thin as ever.

Opinion "for":

Vladimir Bakushina, healer:

— This can be exteriorization of air molecules, the manifestation of spirits. The manifestation of such things phantoms really possible, but we can not explain it. People are trying to understand the world the invisible world visible. This is not surprising. Science is not in fact come to the interpretation of the invisible world.

Opinion "against":

Oleg Zinchenko, editor of "KP", Tver ':

— I am more than sure that was a hoax. Of course, moving the spot may not be a defect record — on digital cameras exclude the appearance of blemishes. But human intervention — is obvious. Once the video is done with a monitor surveillance cameras, it was enough to move the camera view is something highlight to light reflected in the screen, such as a cigarette. And then we see what we see — a reflection of lights.

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