Ghost hunters caught ghost soldiers of the XVII century


In the UK, a group of enthusiasts, exploring the paranormal, ghost photographed. Judging by his "appearance", the ghost is supposedly the spirit of a soldier is the English Revolution of the XVII century.

Northampton group "caught" a figure just in the battle of Nesbit in 1645. Operators told us they heard a noise like a cannon shot, and then fell silent and focused look into the darkness, but saw nothing, says "FaktNews."

"Picture was taken an hour after we heard a rustling — the head of Emma Whiteman. — All this time we have not seen anything. " However, the images clearly indicated by a figure walking "cavalier", carrying an object in his hand.

"We affirm that it is the soldiers, but some people do see him on a horse, and some claim that they saw the figure of a soldier strolling." Skeptics argue that the ghost is not nothing but a product of the camera flash or a defect.


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