Ghost in love

December 6, 2011 14:58

In his book "The Mystery of Death," a French scientist Camille Flammarion analyzed more than five thousand messages from all over the world of cases of ghosts. It was found that during the first year after the death of the number of observations decreases exponentially, but not to zero: in some cases, the ghosts of the dead appear in decades. One of the messages sent from Russia to the London community F.Mayeru Psychical Research, Flammarion borrowed for his book.

This message came from Russia April 29, 1891. Its author — Judge M. Mamchich (I suspect that the name is distorted in translation from Russian into English and then from English into French, and again in Russian.)

The fate of the girl, which will be discussed further, tragic anniversary. Her father, a prominent Russian industrialist, died a month before she was born. Her mother was in despair promised to give the unborn child to the monastery, giving it the name of Palladio, common among the nuns. Two years later, she died, and she was sent to a monastery under the care of her cousin. In terms of ascetic monastery Teresa Palladium lasted 8 years and died of tuberculosis.

The writer met with the brother of palladium in the University of Moscow in 1870. My brother came to visit her sister, trying to get her back to normal. A relative of the girl with her brother released for medical treatment in the Crimea. Then she was just 14 years old. He asked Mamchich bring it through the winter.


And now give the floor to himself Mamchich.

"In the summer of 1873, I met my sister Palladium in Odessa, where she had come for a consultation with the doctors. August 27, when I was reading something aloud sisters Palladium in front of me suddenly died from an aneurysm. She was only 15 years old.

Two years later, while in the winter in Kiev, I had to take part in a seance. I took this lesson very skeptical, but when he returned to himself, he decided to repeat this session alone. And then I responded Palladium! I asked what she wants to say. The answer was: "Replace the angel."

I knew that she was buried in Kiev, but on her grave was not only heard that gathered there to put a monument. Having received such a strange response, I could not sleep that night, and next morning went to the cemetery. Found her grave, covered with snow, and stood before her in amazement monument — an angel with a cross in his hands — leaned to one side. From this experience, I concluded that there is another world, with which we can communicate.

In October 1876 I moved to a new apartment with my colleague, the Minister of Justice. I was in a good mood, playing the piano in the living room. It was about 8 pm. I was next to my office, where the lights were on. My friend doing something at his desk in the other end of the suite of rooms. All the doors were wide open, and he could see my office and living room.

Then suddenly I saw a Palladium! She stood frozen in the doorway. She wore the same dress as in the evening when she died. I can not say how long the Palladium stood in front of me, but I remember well how she made a move to the right and disappeared behind the door. I ran after her, and only then remembered that she was long dead.

At that moment, I was approached by a friend and asked him what the matter with me. He told me that my unexpected surprise stop playing the piano, he raised his head, looked at me and also saw someone walked past the door to my office, but I thought that it came servant.

After that, I used to see her. Saw when I was alone, and saw in a large company. She always comes to me with the same sad look on his face and radiant eyes. Palladin ghost appears in two or three minutes, and then slowly dissolves and disappears …

Talking With Ghosts

… In late November 1879 in Kiev, I was sitting at his desk, making the indictment, the time was about 8 pm, and the clock stood on the table in front of me. I was in a hurry to finish the job as quickly as possible, as in 9 had to go to a party. Suddenly, right in front of me I saw the Palladio. She sat across from me in a chair, his right hand on the table and his head on the other.

-What do you feel now? — I asked her. Her face remained immobile, but I distinctly heard her said: Silence.

-I understand — I replied. Once again to be sure not to sleep, watched the running second hand. Translating look at Palladium, I noticed that it begins to dissolve and fade.

In 1885, I lived with my parents in the rural area of Poltava. One day he woke at dawn, I saw a palladium. She stood before me, five paces. Approaching closer to me, she said:

-I was, I saw it. Then disappeared.


What did she mean? I could not understand. In my room, sleeping dog. As soon as the Palladium, a dog baring all, her hair stood on end, she screeched jumped on my bed, and there, clinging to me, the fear of looking in the same direction, where I looked. But for some reason she did not bark at it, but usually did not let anyone in my room without barking and discontented grumbling. Later that evening, a young girl, who with her mother and sister stayed with us, told me that woke up very early in the feeling that someone was standing at the head of her bed. And then he clearly heard a voice that said: — Do not worry, I'm nice and kind.

A year later I got engaged to the girl. I must admit that when I first saw her, and did not think about the future of their marriage …

… Five years later, in 1890, my wife and two year old son staying with friends in their Strizhevskaya estate in Voronezh. I was in a large room lit by bright light. Suddenly the door opened and ran into the room a little Oleg. Immediately in front of me again appeared palladium. I noticed that the baby is not his eyes off her, turning to me, he pointed a finger at her and said, "Auntie!".

This appearance Palladin was 17 years after her death, and later Mamchich, wrote a letter to the London Society for Psychical Research, in which he described the events.

Now let us try to understand the rather strange behavior of the ghost girl. Starring an unusual fate girl. From an early age she became an orphan, not knowing neither the parent nor the mother's love. Severe childhood in the monastery. In only 14 years, it almost is not the first time I saw the man. And the boy, a student, she suddenly broke into a normal human world, in addition to the Crimea. Hardly be doubted that the 15-year-old girl at the time of this wonderful pastime fell in love with his companion. And then — a sudden death in his eyes. As a person who is used to being alone and isolated life, she was in the astral plane under similar conditions. So is it any wonder that she has found a way at every opportunity to return to this world to be at least a few minutes to see his lover.

While a young man in a dry letter about your feelings does not say much to read between the lines. For example, the mention of the fact that she was trying to appear when he is not thinking about her.

Be that as it may, this case is truly unique. And what a great story — a girl that comes to her lover in the afterlife!

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