Giant alien ships dive into our star, as in the pool

November 20, 2011 1:24

UFO in the Sun

The most mysterious objects in the solar system presents more surprises. The star called the sun has recently started a new 11-year cycle of activity, but it does not wake up. Active light — a record low ever recorded! Astronomers have even started saying that if this goes on, the Earth could lose a significant part of the space heating and entered a new Little Ice Age.

 But now fans of sharp observation was not before. There was a stronger sensation. U.S. Agency for Space Administration (NASA) launched the long-awaited new satellite to study the star. Soon appeared on the website of NASA video from this unit. Astronomers attacked them — and dumbfounded.

In some commercials can be seen from all sides as the sun flies mysterious objects that resemble huge spaceships. Some look like a spindle, the other looks like a giant crab. Part of unidentified objects like dives into the sun, others — like jumping out of it. The space agency has refused to explain, but quickly retouch sensational video.

Cosmic mysteries

The sensation did not appear out of nowhere. The fact that humans are only now able to really take a hard look at the sun. Whether by virtue of a fatal bad luck, felts for other reasons, until recently, information about it was suspicious enough.
First of all, surprisingly, the largest in the solar system do not care much spoiled space agencies. Mars, the moon, and even distant giant planets got much more launch vehicle.

To the sun is the history of space flight dedicated satellites are sent once or twice and a handful.
Although the Sun is full of mysteries. For example, no one knows where to disappear half of the neutrino flux, which, by all accounts, should emit light. But to us, it does not reach. Also, no one knows why the south pole of the Sun much colder north. There is the famous puzzle solar corona — the temperature inexplicably as the distance from the Sun is growing at millions of degrees. What can I say, even if the nature of the famous sun spots and the reason for their very rapid appearance every 11 years — the secret behind seven seals.

Guests with Jupiter

An example of an obvious mistake amateur astronomers, to find a UFO in satellite imagery: a recent "Jovian sensation" enflame tape world news. Astronomers involved in the program radio search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, today announced the following.

Studying interactive computer card space, they discovered orbiting Jupiter three giant unidentified object, tens of kilometers in length, which move in the direction of Earth. According to calculations, the arrival of huge UFO needs to happen in the middle of December 2012. That is a neat, when the end of the world on the Mayan calendar.

As proof of astronomers led UFO pictures — they were difficult to confuse with something miraculous. On top of giving the exact coordinates on the map — anyone could open it, find it, and make sure myself. Like all it is obvious there is a sensation. Only then found out that posted on the Internet pictures of the sky with mysterious objects made back in the 1950s, and mysterious ships only defects arising from the stretch of old films in digital form.

Solar mysteries missing. That's only space agencies were not too eager to get to them. Besides, the little equipment that ran constantly harassed striking failure. Almost mystical chain failures began in 1980, when NASA launched with considerable fanfare in Earth orbit first ever dedicated space probe for observing the luminary — Solar Maximum Mission. Had imbued him to the limit sensors to study the nearest star to the Earth in all major spectrum. In less than a year, the satellite suffered a global phase-out electronics and expensive machine into a pile of non-working iron.

The next victim of bad luck was sunny Japanese Space Agency. In 1991 it sent to orbit the solar X-ray Observatory "Yoko." After working for some time, the laboratory "yoknulas" without having gone through the eclipse.

At a time when the moon eclipsed the light rays, for some unknown reason, lost control of the satellite, the equipment failed. Soon the "Yoko" descended from orbit and burned up in the atmosphere.
But the victim of a large-scale "solar curse" is a series of Russian spacecraft "Coronas." Back in the early 1990s. Russian Academy of Sciences is scheduled to run ten specialized solar satellites. Actually sent into orbit only three.

In 1994 he launched the first device — "Coronas-I." It was designed for at least three years, but after a couple of months suddenly interrupted connection for no apparent reason. When the signal is restored, it became clear that almost all of the scientific equipment is silent. Attempts to revive the electronics failed.

Another big flop turned the recent launch of the satellite "Coronas-Photon". Start was from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in January 2009. "Photon" — no small device weighing two tons — was designed to study the solar corona. Only one list of academic institutions that have created its many sensors, analyzers, spectrometers, would take several pages. For example, the Physics Institute of RAS. Lebedev has built for the "photon" a unique set of telescopes TE SIS, able to see the sun in the hard X-rays. Petersburg Physico-Technical Institute. Joffe put it on the machine gamma-ray spectrometer "cone-Russian." Institute of Astrophysics presented the MiFi "photon" spectrometer "Natalya-2M".

The third eye of heaven

Above the hardware laboratory for many years. And all the time she was a pile of dead chips, sensors and wires. According to the official version, "Coronas-Photon" was killed because of a silly miscalculation. Denied is not cutting-edge devices, and two simple battery. Within six days after starting on the "photon" There was initially a series of unexplained failures of equipment. Then came the global failure of power supply, then lost contact. Clear. It turned out that the battery capacity is calculated incorrectly, it is not enough. Scientists have been waiting for: appliances come to life when the satellite will enter the well-lit areas of the orbit and solar energy batteries will saturate. Hopes were in vain.

So, after years of turmoil leapfrog solar, pursuing all the world's space agencies, in orbit have only two serviceable scientific apparatus that supply some information about the star. This satellite SOHO and veterans 'Stereo'.

The first of them is the European-American unit mass of 1.85 tonnes. It started back in 1995 and has long worked for all time. Accidents at SOHO went from the beginning. In summer 1998, the satellite was lost — the connection disappeared. Managed to reconnect the autumn. Then was broken gyroscope, then, in 2003, refused motor antenna that transmits information to Earth. Therefore, the data from him since coming to gulkin nose. Second business companion — "Stereo" — a set of two small probes. He went into orbit at the end of 2006, initially calculated for only three years of operation. He has a very narrow task — to make stereoscopic images of the Sun.

Simply put, information about luminary Earth receives far so not much as we would like. More precisely — nothing. Therefore, scientists have long demanded a new space eye. They got it in February 2010., When NASA launched a three-ton solar observatory SDO. Adjustment in orbit was almost a year, but now — for the first time in history, the Earth has gone a huge flow of solar data. In one hour, SDO conveys more information than the old machines were given for many months.

Here in these countless piles of new digital data and revealed sensational record with dozens of "alien ships", diving into the depths of the stars. Unlike the vast majority of other evidence of UFO record has official status, the picture — quite clear. If you believe the video Observatory, the size of some objects slightly less than that of the moon. Officially, NASA does not explain, in informal conversations, agency staff talk about possible defects shooting.

Bright ideas

On the other hand, not all suspicious satellite images and films can be explained by the usual excuses for NASA about digital distortion, random reflections, shadows, clouds etc. Say, to this day remains a mystery mysterious trail of the aircraft in the Martian sky, who accidentally fell into the frame of the video, shot by an American rover. The footage all so obvious that NASA can not deny the reality of the track. But officially announced his path of one of the earth aircraft launched to orbit the red planet long ago.

As close to the Sun not the Earth probes, this time the space agency decided not to split hairs, but just erased the video suspicious objects. Most of all — have acted exactly according to instructions. In the documents of the U.S. space agency has long found a carefully compiled set of security services regulations prescribing hide from the public material that "can cause excess noise." It contains detailed recommendations on how to do it, what to give explanations to the media, how to keep them out on the wrong track. So-secret NASA — not fiction. Digging into the secrets of space has long been a professional occupation of hundreds of people, including the famous "Group of exposure," which includes 200 people, including former employees of NASA.

They have a clear explanation of his sensational videos. According to Einstein's theory, the sun can be the accumulation of so-called wormholes in space-time. It's sort of tunnel between remote points of the universe. Nothing in this pseudo-scientific concepts not, it is consistent with theories of physics. According to the "Group of exposure," the aliens are using the Sun as a transit point, a portal to other worlds. It — a kind of bus station to other civilizations. Hence observed on the video is very heavy traffic and heterogeneity of the spacecraft.

Whatever it was, one thing is clear. Sun itself — with aliens, wormholes or without — the most mysterious object in our system. Nothing else has such a huge impact on the conditions of life on Earth. The last time there was such a low solar activity, as in recent years, in Europe, came the Little Ice Age. Cold snap lasted 70 years, from 1645 to 1715. Were fierce cold, the river covered with ice even in the summer, due to poor harvests food increased in price by 10 times. So it's impossible to overestimate our dependence on the light. So, his study — a task of prime importance.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. World of the unknown »№ 17 2011

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