Godfather, Chairman of the farm and Security officer managed …


We bring you the performance Ukrainian playwright Anna Jablonski at the event in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva, in defense of those who are now in prison in Belarus and Russia. Anna died on January 24 in a suicide bombing in Moscow.

If you do not live in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia, you can not treat her differently leaders, as the heroes of comic books.

Think for yourself, whether it be true, not fiction writer mediocre, overfed Hollywood cliches and also a complete lack of sense of humor.

Godfather, Chairman of the farm and run the powerful Security officer planets inhabited by creatures of the best in the universe? Nonsense, a stamp, the story sucked from the finger, there is nothing to criminals live. Evil is always a caricature. Good always clear.

Next. (Well, nonsense!) The population of these planets do not try to resist, or rather their resistance is extremely heroic, sacrificial and God forbid do not have to really change the situation on the planet.

Lone unarmed revolts organized so that the soldiers of darkness as comfortable as possible to beat all comers, put them in jail, and then another fifteen goals mock them in court, inventing new and new charges.

In this galyaktychnaya community, represented by the elders, with heartfelt sedabarodyh democratic eyes, fingers of one hand show the dictators, well, well, well, ah-ah-ah, and the fingers of the other stroking them in the balls, trying to negotiate a lucrative contract to kryptanit to other minerals.

How will this exciting comic book editor and is known only the rest the world, we also look forward to new releases, to once again can melyadramatychna throw up his hands and said, "Well, what can I do?"

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