Golden rain of the universe

November 20, 2011 1:37

Unfathomable mystery of creativity

The ancient Greeks considered the outstanding abilities of the person co-participants and cosmology cosmos was part of ancient Greek philosophy. At the other end of the Eurasian continent, the Chinese Taoists recognized talent result of a "transformation" of a person with "the creative energy of the Cosmos" and explained her talent.

The symbol of this energy was spinning spiral galaxy resembles … picture above. And one of the symbol was black, and the other — white, meaning that the creative activity of man must be "balanced, in the image of the cosmos, in which harmony prevails."
One of the founders of experimental psychology VM Bekhterev (1857-1927 gg.), Referring to the teachings of the Taoists, developed the doctrine of "kosmonomii" — the relationship of man with the universe. In this science was seen as a creative person "object of the Universe", capable of living in harmony with the same rhythm of the universe and therefore world history.

The relationship of man and the cosmos, and is mentioned in the ancient Indian Upanishads ("secret knowledge"): according to them, third man belongs to the earth, and 2/3 — Galaxy. And what is interesting, people live without food for 50 days, without water for 10, without air 5 minutes, and without the "rhythm with the cosmos" died instantly!

What he knew Protagoras

This is it, the Greek empiricist (484-411 years. BC) belongs to the maxim "A man — a measure of things", which indicates that the person is a "value in the universe" and is able to receive the information from above.

Thus, the iris iridodiagnostics seen as a projection of the internal organs, but the eye is projected on the sky. What is the reason the phenomenon of "ecumenical enlightenment" — in fact 99.9% of the brain connected to the eye, and, oddly enough, is not involved?

Writer Andrew White in his novel "Petersburg" (1914) told how he reached the top of the pyramid of Cheops, experienced this phenomenon — felt out of it "emanated UP wave", to cover the entire cosmos: "I have been around the spill, I Sign was all. " Is it because the Egyptian authorities have banned ascend the pyramid of Cheops, afraid of the phenomenon?

The basis of this kind of sensation — Metakod perception of the Universe (One Universal Code). Therefore, the Russian philosopher PA Florensky, thinking "cosmism" man, wrote that "the infinite (universe) can love as a living being." After all, the Universal Law of the Universe, the orbits of the planets and the meridians of biologically active points on the human body are described by the same differential equations! As the phenomenon of human mental activity — there is even such a thing "panpsychism" — Atman and energoinformatike.

Is this not a phenomenon of the existence of the prophets?

This phenomenon differs consistently manifestation in time and space, regardless of the place of residence of the prophets and their health — information perceived Universe Vanga blind and sighted in Bulgaria, but "begins to see the events in a dream" Edgar Cayce in the U.S..

Some books of the Bible written in that spirit of information, including the explosion of the volcano Krakatoa in 1883 (Rev. 8:8-9) and the explosion of the 4th reactor of the station in 1986 (Rev. 08/10/11) the consequences of which really affected third countries.

It is noteworthy that the Bible is stated in verse, like the quatrains of Nostradamus. The mystery of the poetry have Pushkin in 1833 in the poem "Autumn", and about the same Lermontov wrote in his poem "Prophecy" about the events of 1917 ("Russian black year …").

Discovery information portal can be explained by the fact, when "in the Spirit" paint pictures with the image of Christ, or the icon with his face, but only intuitive artist conveys his image. To as a "prophet" called al-writers of the modern Russian writer Dmitry Skuratov: just publish him their "works," as is their realization — so it was with "The Tower" (fire Ostankino SC in 2004), "Underground" ( explosions in the Moscow subway March 29, 2010), "Epidemic" (about the panic in Moscow earlier this year).

In Ukraine, such a prophet was OP Berdnik (1926-2003), he also saw life in Ukraine in a trap "dark instincts and glimpses of the mind" to the point that he thought "the sky — like the lid of the coffin, and the stars — like a nail in it." By Berdnikov, only "self-discovery capabilities of man as a cosmic" can change this "modus vivendi". For "the world we see through a narrow gap of several senses, then dogmatiziruem these visions and oppose all that different from the dogma. For millennia, mankind imposed This one-dimensional … "

To a question about the "one-dimensional thinking" zombie

The first president of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine VI Vernadsky (1863-1945 gg.) Generally believed that the creative impulse person gets inspiration from the cosmos, as the "Universe multidimensional". There are the classic examples of this work: Oscar Wilde wrote his novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1891) in three weeks, the famous film "Twelve Angry Men" (USA, 1956), film director Sidney Lumet shot in 19 days, the famous aria from the opera "Elixir of Love" (1832) by Gaetano Donizetti wrote in "one go", and the very opera in two weeks.

12 days Lesya Ukrainka wrote her suicide "Forest Song" (1912), in 4 hours your best short story "The Devil in retirement" (2001) "scribbled" Lada Lusin, for one evening 26 November 1936 set down on paper the plot of "Theater novel "(1937), MA Bulgakov — the recognition of the writer, "The earth was flying in the black space" (which saw only Gagarin), when "the voices in my head of all the characters in the novel, and could only write them down."

Over the phenomenon of information intrinsic to the author of the book "The contemplation of Eternity," Catherine Polzykinoy. In the preface to the book, she writes:

"In the heart of the universe contains all the knowledge of the world … that are given to us in the form of thoughts, pictures, formulas, and music. The messages come to us from the center of the universe in the form of thoughts of the conductor ("genius"), when the person is open heart, and a desire to understand reveals channel (information) in a corridor that leads to the center of the universal mind. "

Astronomers have shown that 99.5% of the universe — out of sight of the person whose eye responds primarily to electromagnetic waves of all spectrum of 0,65-0,41 microns 30,000 microns — 0,001 nanometers. Because the average person uses the potential of the brain only by 0.5%, but then why 99.5% of our "gray matter"?

The answer lies in unraveling the creative impulse of the same Bulgakov work on "Theatrical Novel" coincided with the completion of the novel "The Master and Margarita" (1938), whose characters fall in the multidimensional space of the universe — and infernal are in the "dark, otherworldly abyss ". The paradox is that the "dark" matter surrounding the "light", astronomers began to speak only at the end of XX century.

How can you not remember the Taoist symbol of the universe and the innate fear of man before … the darkness, where even adults seem to "start" the very essence of infernal, which Bulgakov wrote.

The plan is, no one objects to the theory of "Fractal Universe" — "Parallel Worlds" is not only the breadth but also "deep." This and the very inspiration of people in the artistic, scientific, political sphere of ideas — the empyrean of the ancient Greeks, the noosphere.

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