Good-bye, Enterprise!

Good-bye, "Enterprise"!

December 1, 2012 at the naval base in Norfolk (Virginia pcs) accomplished ceremony deactivating the "nuclear heart" of the mighty aircraft carrier "Enterprise". 50 years of service in the name of democracy proparhali as one day — and that's 340-meter ship forever frozen at the quay wall.

From March to November 2012 "Enterprise" made its own last war patrol in the Persian Gulf. How unfortunate it did not sound, exciting conspiratorial conjecture about bringing an old ship in the victim as a pretext for an attack on Iran is not confirmed — aircraft carrier group worked puzzles in the Arabian Sea and safely returned to Norfolk.

Yet when approaching the shores of North America, right in the open ocean, began an operation to unload ammunition: NIGHT MODE in the old days and a few days elevators raised on the flight deck of thousands of munitions, which later with the helicopters were delivered to reaching abeam "Enterprise" transports supply. 1260 helicopter flights it took to release the huge cellar of an old aircraft carrier. At the moment, carried unloading nuclear fuel from eight reactors aircraft carrier "Enterprise": his massive body savagely cut large holes for the extraction process of the reactor compartments completely.

The naked and motionless ship will be in the fleet for at least through mid-2013. Only after the launching of a new nuclear aircraft carrier «Gerald R. Ford »will be an official launch ceremony of the" Enterprise "from the Navy. In a career of the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier will come terminates phase will start cutting metal on the ship. The dismantlement of "Enterprise" should end in 2015.

The proposal for the conversion of "Enterprise" into a floating museum was not supported: it is very expensive, difficult and dangerous. The only thing that may remain from an old aircraft carrier — its superstructure, "island", which is to be set on the shore as a memorial.

Life and death aircraft carriers

"Enterprise" (respectfully referred to as navigators "Big E") was a kind of landmark ship in maritime history — the first nuclear aircraft carrier, founded in 1958 and for decades was reincarnated into a global scarecrow symbolizing his naizloveschim and breathtaking views of the South American imperialism.
First combat mission as "Enterprise" almost put the world on the brink of nuclear catastrophe. During the blockade of Cuba (Caribbean Crisis, 1962) a new nuclear aircraft carrier was one of the "trump card" of the Pentagon.

Taking advantage of the global popularity of "Enterprise", the Americans tried to the max "roll out" its own super-ship: July 31, 1964 came from Gibraltar "Operational connection 1" in the nuclear aircraft carrier "Enterprise" nuclear cruiser "Long Beach" and lung nuclear cruiser " Bainbridge. " The purpose of "Operation Sea Orbit" * circumnavigation was to demonstrate the capabilities of the U.S. Navy and intimidate all the geopolitical enemies. 65 days 'Around the World' squadron was 30 thousand nautical miles, docked at the port of Karachi (Pakistan), Sydney (Australia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

* The repetition of propaganda round the world trip 16 U.S. battleships (1907 — 1909)..

Good-bye, "Enterprise"!

Around the world in 65 days. From top to bottom, "Bainbridge", "Long Beach", "Enterprise"

On the account of "Enterprise" — the quintessence of all the cutting-edge science, there were many other global records:

— The first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the 60s held up the title of the great ship (full on / and "Enterprise" 93 thousand tons)
— to "Enterprise" first appeared radar with a phased antenna array (SCANFAR),
— First ship, from a purely air armament (cost overruns forced designers to abandon any system of self-defense only in 1967 on the ship found the first SAM "Sea Sparrow")
— aboard the "Enterprise" is set very large number of nuclear reactors — as much as 8 pieces (unintelligible achievement, speaking only of the imperfection of nuclear technology in the 50s)
— The first ship with a nuclear power plant, who took part in the hostilities,
— In December 1969, during the Vietnam War, the planes from the aircraft carrier "Enterprise" set hitherto unbroken record by running for 178 day sorties,
— the longest service in the current composition of the fleet (51 year)
— after all, the "Enterprise" — the first of the giant nuclear aircraft carrier, which must go through the process of disposal.

During the colorful and exciting dotizheniyami technical details are hidden fighting everyday: a blood trail stretches for "Enterprise" through the entire globe. Vietnam, Iraq, the tanker war and massacre of Iranian Navy ("Operation Praying Mantis"), the Philippines, the Balkans, Afghanistan … fighting campaigns schedule was so intense that the reactor core burnt out in two years instead of the planned 13 years of operation.
How annoying would it sounds, none of the victims did not have time to get even with the offender — "Enterprise" bombed them all rested and relaxed in the glory and prosperity.

Good-bye, "Enterprise"!

USS Enterprise (SVN-65) runs the Suez Canal

Judgment day

But "Enterprise" for all his bad deeds in one day took revenge by nature: January 14, 1969 the new super-aircraft carrier almost burned down the coast of Hawaii. The plot is simple: carelessly parked tractor with an auxiliary power unit caused the heating of ammunition hanging under the wings ready to fly "Phantom". Bah! It detonated 127 mm rocket "Zuni" whole food "Enterprise" at one point reincarnated hellish inferno.

Good-bye, "Enterprise"!

South American sailors puzzled considering scorched stern of the ship

Under the roar of detonating bombs and flares from flying shrapnel Fireworks crew rushed to put out your own ship. As was established later, on the deck of explosions thundered 18 (including eight detonated bombs weighing 227 kg and a 10-s ton
s of aviation kerosene)! Through holes in the flight deck of the armored flame went down to the hangar where the rampage over 3 hours — on many planes were only refractory elements motor design.
In the crash killed 27 sailors, 300 injured and burned. Fire destroyed 15 aircraft, and 10 cars were damaged. The explosions caused serious damage to the flight deck design, repair "Enterprise" lasted a month.

Hi, "Enterprise"!

Today's "Enterprise" (CVN-operative code 65) — eighth warship in U.S. history with this title was, in turn, was called after the hero of the second world war, languid aircraft carrier "Enterprise" (like "Yorktown").
December 1, 2012, during a ceremony deactivating the aircraft carrier "Enterprise", the Minister of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that his name, according to tradition, will move to the future aircraft carrier CVN-80 (type "Ford"). The announcement was greeted with thunderous applause.
As a testament to the crew of the future "Enterprise", today's sailors prepared the ship 200-pound "time capsule", which will be integrated into the design of a new aircraft carrier. In it — notes, gifts, wishes, pieces of the body of an old ship. Whatever states aircraft carrier "boldness" (specifically so you can translate the "Enterprise") had ended his life.
Now the number of U.S. aircraft carrier was reduced to 10 units, and this situation will continue until 2015.

Good-bye, "Enterprise"!

A pair of photos from the ceremony deactivation

Good-bye, "Enterprise"!
Good-bye, "Enterprise"!
Good-bye, "Enterprise"!

You see how he was a guy!

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