Green Buildings invented in the form of UFO: they withstand earthquakes eighth category (PHOTOS)



One of the latest developments of the company Solaleya, dedicated to green building, began rotating home in the form of a UFO.

The roof of these structures is rotated during the day so that the sun always gets in the window. Houses on the 90 percent is made of wood, but in spite of this, they are able to withstand category five hurricanes and earthquakes eighth category.

As for the power, then on the home turn 360 degrees out as much energy as it takes to vacuum the house.

The unique rotating design house fully pays for itself in two ways. First of all, the house is always light during the day because the sun always gets in the window. Second homes are located on the roof of solar panels, which accumulate and transform solar energy, which due to the rotation is always under direct sunlight, said, "The scientific blog".


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