Greenland glaciers melting causes water to rise from

Greenland glaciers melting causes water to rise fromGreenland rises as a result of the "loss" of its ice cap 100 billion tons of ice per abnormally warm 2010, reported online edition of the State Column of the study group of scientists from Ohio State University (USA).

According to researchers of the team leader Michael Bevisa (Michael Bevis), the only explanation for such a significant elevation of the island — the intensive melting of ice in 2010, due, in particular, global warming.

Other explanation we have. Raising Islands correlates with maps of abnormally high melting ice in 2010 … Those areas where the most number of days of ice was below historical averages, rose the most, — are reported Bevisa words.

Weight of the ice cap "crushes" sites occupied by its crust, science, this is known as glyatsioizostaziya — very slow vertical and horizontal movements of the Earth's surface, and when a load is removed from the ice.

Data on height above sea level, on which the study were collected by scientists scattered across Greenland 50 high-precision GPS-transmitters. Near areas with a minimum in 2010 of ice noted naibolshne "increase" the bedrock — up to 2.6 centimeters.

After analyzing the data, researchers concluded that the elevation of the island — not a continuous process, and the "pulse" as the melting of ice, which it did, the report said.

"The melting of the ice and the associated rise of the island — not really a continuous process, and these impulses may help us to predict the" rhythm "of sea level rise," — said Bevis.

© RIA Novosti. Photo by Ivan Zakharchenko

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