Half of Russians gags packed lunch at work

Half of Russians prefer snacking at work or while studying the pies and cakes, and a large part of the Russians to spend on snacks at least $ 100, according to a survey conducted by research holding "Romir", RIA Novosti reported.

So, snacking cakes, pies and pastries prefer 50% of those polled, yoghurt and curds take with you to work 30%, even 28% — chocolate and other sweets. Only 20% of Russians prefer snacking fruit, and only 6% — nuts. Fast food are suitable for 17% of workers prefer sandwiches 14% of Russians, intermediate — 12% of those polled.
As noted in the survey, men were few more fans of cookies and cakes, than women. Women no longer follow the figure and 1.5 times more likely to prefer yogurt, curds, than the stronger sex. On the other hand, women are 1.5 times more likely to "sin" of sweets and chocolate.

Sociologists have noticed the regularity of the level of income. "The higher the income level of the respondents, the lower the percentage of those who prefer to snack breads and sweets, a higher proportion of those who use it for dairy products and fruit," — said in a statement. "To wash down your snack Russians most often tea, coffee or juice. Younger respondents aged 18-25 by 1.5-2 times more likely to prefer juices and sodas for a snack "- the researchers note.

A significant proportion of respondents (36%) to bring food for a snack from a home refrigerator. Most often, so do women and older people. In this case, 32% of Russians are buying food directly close to work, 18% are reserved for a snack food on the way to work, 14% buy in cafes and canteens located in the building where they work. Most of the respondents (52%) spend daily snacks less than 100 rubles. Another 35% — from 100 to 200 rubles. Only 1% of Russians willing to spend on a snack more than 400 rubles a day.

In addition, it follows from the results of the survey research holding. energy drinks are regularly consumed 24% of the urban population of Russia, with a third drink them every day. Another 24% of respondents buy refreshing drinks at least once a month. More than half of respondents (52%) do not consume energy ever. According to a study of energy most often used during the stay on the streets or in the countryside. One-third of respondents prefer refreshing drinks to "wake up" in the process of work or school. Another 20% of Russians (mostly women) prefer to use energy in the home.

Note earlier survey found that men feel happier at work than women. According to the study, representatives of the male compared to female half of the 25% feel more comfortable in the workplace and by 8% happier home.

As it turned out, the men feel happier in the office, even if they are laid out in time. Thus, on average, they spend at work for 8.8 hours per day, while women — 8.4 hours. Also, representatives of the stronger sex willingly in his free time at home or remotely from a computer. With regard to age, the happiest feeling at work 39-year-old man in a position of high-level managers.

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