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Arrested Radovan Karadzic intends to appeal the decision of the Serbian authorities to grant him the Hague tribunal, he demands to be tried in Serbia. However, and a former leader of the Bosnian Serbs, and his lawyer probably aware that their actions did not succeed. Karadzic's extradition to The Hague — that's a bargain.

Procedure for transfer of Radovan Karadzic, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia can take up to nine days. Stand up for the ex-president of the Republic of Srpska, almost no one. Serbian authorities for the benefits of European integration rent Serb West to trample a Serbian sovereignty. Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said that Karadzic's arrest proves the readiness of Serbia to cooperate with European and emphasizes once again how great the country's desire to join the European Union. And by the Russian Karadzic aid can be expected. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in connection with the issuance of Karadzic: "Here we have no questions to what happened. It was an action that aims at the implementation of UN Security Council decisions that created the tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. " Perhaps such a calm reaction — the correct position, after all, why should we be more Serbs than the Serbs themselves?

Meanwhile, some new facts emerge about how hiding and he was caught Radovan Karadzic. The former president was found in the course of searching for another wanted — Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic. The capture of Karadzic was not without the help of American and British intelligence services.

But Karadzic has long been successfully hiding where the least he could hope to find — in Belgrade. Moreover, he did not sit, huddled in a hole, and was engaged in healing (after all, he has a medical degree), published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Belgrade "Common Stomach" ("Healthy Life"), and even lectured on the recharge of the internal energy and Comparative analysis of meditation in Eastern cultures to such practices of the Orthodox monks.

British newspaper Independent published an English translation of excerpts from the magazine, DC sponsored by Dragan Dabic, better known to the world as Radovan Karadzic:

About Meditation: "Not only the time spent by you in prayer, and not the position that you are taking, but also a series of moments when you sink into itself (which we can describe as shaking itself), when you calm passionate and obsessive everyday experiences of life. "

Extrasensory experience: "It is widely believed that our senses and mind are able to perceive only one percent of what surrounds us. Three per cent we understand with your heart. Everything else is hidden in mystery, beyond our five senses, but we can understand it through a psychic way of knowing. "

About caring for the body, "Although we can not arbitrarily change the autonomic functions of the body, we can influence them indirectly through the fact that our body consumes — food, drinks, sights, sounds, or smells. But the main impact comes from our thoughts and feelings. If something bad happens to them, the processes of life and it will affect badly. "

On Religion: "The basis of any religion — the idea that life is sacred. There is not one true religion, which would not adventure to set as a goal the salvation of man, both in this world and in the next life. "

On the higher states: "There is no doubt that the essence of meditation and prayer — an attempt to achieve a higher status. In some places, especially in the East, the focus is on the higher states of mind — total consciousness or complete presence. At the same time in other places, as we do, the emphasis — on the state of the soul and its union with the Holy Spirit. "

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