Heal people in the Altai clairvoyant Sede Vardanyan did not allow her husband


As you know, Barnaul clairvoyant Vardanyan Seda has become one of the most prominent figures "Battle of the Psychics." She sees the past and the future, heals. A decade ago, no one knew about the unique gift of this woman. The journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Vadim Alexeev learned the details.

She herself lived in the Altai — in the German area. She worked in a café: preparing dishes of Armenian cuisine. Broadcaster "TNT" helped "Komsomolskaya Pravda" to arrange an interview with Gray.

— Among your friends in the Altai we have not found anyone who knew you as a psychic and healer. Why the unusual ability was a mystery?

— Her husband did not allow me to heal people, so I started to do it nine years ago (husband of her daughter died.. — Ed.). I can not sleep for ten days, to the sick, and feel good. One time I had treated two days and I felt sick, shaking all. So I always use my gift to help people in other ways I can not. God chose me to help. That is my whole life. Very relaxing music: listen to it when, my heart is so good.

— Among your patients are likely to have famous people?

— Yes, I was even coming from America. The heads of various help. And the stars, too, but I will not tell you who it was. You can not, and did not discover the secrets of good people.

— How do you explain the ability of psychics? How can "see through time and through things?"

— Everyone feels differently. I sometimes hear voices that help me, and sometimes I see the whole picture. Just give me advice saints, they always are to me, and I talk to them.

— What kind of event in your life is probably the most unusual?

— Once a girl came up to me and asked how many more will live their mom. Doctors then gave her a time — no more than two days. I told him that the woman will live another seven years. They left happy, but the next day came again, began to doubt and decided to once again I have to ask. I assured them that everything will be fine.

In fact, the woman was better, and just recently she died. Seven years later, as I said.

— How did you get on "The Battle of psychics?"

— I myself did not want to go. But the people who come to me for help, they said, should show its gift to the world. A casting was easy.

— Are you ready to make a general prediction for the residents of the Altai Territory?

— I love the Altai people out there have a lot of friends with whom I communicate so far. I can see that they will change in the weather. There's so cold, but it will be even colder.


What do you think about the psychic shares with us producer of "The Battle of psychics," Anna DEVITSKAYA:

— Pious, clairvoyant, clairaudient. She is constantly working with candles, constantly gives a lot of different versions. Attempts to locate people to himself, acting psychologically. At the same time, a little brash.

When she came to the qualifying round, there were doubts: whether to take it to the project. It was necessary to determine which of the cars were stolen. She could not answer the main question, but said details of the personal lives of the participants. Such small details that we decided: we take.

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