Healing Secrets of self-hypnosis

January 20, 2013 21:57

Scientists are trying to understand why some people are witches spells, while others get well by drinking a glass of pure water.

Secret of the placebo

Placebo — a "dummy" — tablet or a solution that does not contain any drugs. They "treat". Not all, of course, but many. Especially if the doctors tell patients that provide a new drug. And explain how it should operate.
First miraculous effect was discovered in 1955. Then Boston anesthesiologist Henry Beecher was surprised to see that useless sugar pills or a glass of clean water act favorably by 35 percent of patients.
— Placebo physical phenomenon rather than psychological, — says Jon-Kar ZUBIETA University of Michigan. — There is not no mystery: the illusion triggers specific changes in the brain.

Scientists fed volunteers "phony", saying that it is a powerful painkiller. Pain does go away. How did you determine Zubiete using brain scans, neurons — nerve cells — in response to the assurance of the effectiveness of medications — starts to produce endorphins. These natural drugs and quenched pain by blocking the nerve endings.
But it is unlikely that simple cases can be attributed to getting rid of the real ailments.

Deception for the benefit of

Tells two true stories. My aunt in Moscow doctors have fatal diagnosis: "thyroid cancer". Even the term death named: after three months. And blooming cheerful 60-year-old woman this week turned into a wrinkled goners. A neighbor advised me to go to one traditional healer, long taking.

Witch doctor read over her spell, and said that she is completely healthy. Three months later, a relative of mine to see a doctor: the tumor is gone! Since then, it's been six years.

One day I went to the sessions of a famous healer in the Philippines, who was doing surgery without a scalpel, removing the tumor from the body with his hands. To him from Russia arrived sick, from which conventional medicine has declined. In terms of the operation of a skeptic, of course, looked like a trick. Hands "surgeon", massaging the patient suddenly stained with blood, and a second in which there's some slimy entrails, which he quickly threw in the garbage.

"I took the disease out of your body," — declared the healer. However, later in the course of a private investigation found that this healer and really juggle: quietly under the table on which the patient was lying, got offal of turkeys, chickens or cows.

But here's the paradox: out of ten of those terminally ill with whom I went to the Philippines — with stomach cancer, throat, brain, and doctors who were sentenced to die soon, six still live normally.

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