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In Russia there are about seven thousand people who call themselves contactees with extraterrestrial civilizations

Contactee from Taganrog Alexander K. imagines brothers in mind such. He claims that the recipient of a message in the form of a special font
(Photo: From the Files NICHOLAS SUBBOTINA)

Recently, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, made a statement that the aliens repeatedly communicated with people, and the UK Ministry of Defence has expressed its willingness to disclose sensitive material 160 to join earthlings into contact with a higher intelligence. After that, the world was marked by a new surge of interest in the topic of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. "Results" tried to figure out where is the line between reality and his imagination.

It's time to talk

In a world of many contactees — people who claim that the strange voice telling them about future events or that they were on board the flying saucers. One of the first issue contactors engaged American psychologist Bud Hopkins. In the 70 years of the last century, he examined the patients who approached him with similar stories. Statistics collected by the rich, Hopkins came to the conclusion that the phenomenon of contact with some form of consciousness requires serious study. In the mid-80s in the United States even set up a fund stolen, the main objective of which was to provide rehabilitation services to those who came in contact with the aliens. A similar facility exists in Russia. It is located in Moscow and called the Research Institute of post-exposure recovery. Supervises the establishment parapsychologist Valentine Privalov. However, "the end," she said her agency is not engaged in the rehabilitation of those who communicate with the cosmos, but it helps only those who have suffered from … phantoms, ghosts and other evil spirits.

In Russia kontakterstvo as a mass phenomenon appeared, according to the head of the Far Eastern Association of ufologists Alexander Rempel, in 1984-1986 and reached its peak by about 1994-1998 years, and then came the recession. Typically, the "negotiators" have appeared in the media keen unidentified flying objects, and all of the theme going on in the framework of UFO. Reasoning is very simple: if there is a flying saucer, then there is their pilots, pilots and if there is, then you can communicate with them.

The stories are not very striking and it was set. This is not surprising: people wanted to contact. Were developed almost a whole procedure of opening "channels." Should read something like a spell, and you'll have the contact provided. Thousands of people were traveling to places like the famous M-ing triangle in the Perm region and in other anomalous zones, where, according to rumors, the relationship with the cosmos is most easily carried out. Volunteers sat out the night around the campfire, together with many like-minded people and returned home already "experienced" contactees. For example, in the east of the country, near the town of Dalnegorsk where 26 January 1986 have fallen UFO appeared even whole groups of enthusiasts. According to Alexander Rempel, they are "prepared by and sent them to communicate with the pilots of UFOs or on other planets."

In the 80-90s contactees were very active, on TV, in newspapers and magazines they passed some revelation from space, predicted the future, sharing information with the competent authorities. "Every week we have received from so-called contactees at least a dozen messages, allegedly received from space and portends a variety of ills in the country — said," the end, "a former employee of a secret department of the USSR. — However, none of these reports has not been confirmed."

In 1984, the Ministry of Defense created a special structure, which has been studying the phenomenon kontakterstva. She worked until 1998. All the while carefully analyzed the various agencies coming in to address letters, reports, statements. "Results" was able to talk to the current central office of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel, who was part of the structure. On condition of anonymity, he said, in particular, told us the following: "We have had regular visits to the site of the alleged UFO landing and anomalous zones where supposedly open channels of communication. We specifically went to France to communicate with descendants of Nostradamus. Worked with Wang. On the level of ordinary people quite often its predictions were confirmed in reality. She also said she would sink Kursk, though meant that the city, not a submarine, as it is speculation. "

Somewhere around 1994, it became clear that the structure must vacate because it was unable to find anything that could seriously interested in power. But four more years of division have served at the level of special groups who were trying to "bring to the mediator." According to the statements of contactees between the mind and the soul, there is some substance, which comes in contact with representatives of other civilizations. But these works have not brought results, and because in 1998 their funding completely stopped.

Interestingly, the majority of the officers of the unit, received invaluable skills for ten years, then leaned into commerce … Someone began practicing hypnosis, many engaged in magic.

Greetings from Alpha Centauri!

In December 1954, in the skies over Sicily a few minutes hung two silver disc. Observation of unusual objects stirred up interest in the UFO subject
(Photo: From the Files NICHOLAS SUBBOTINA)

A contactees and did not think to take the position. In 2004 there was a new story. There was a rumor that the stadium in the center of the same Dalnegorsk will land a flying saucer. Even called the day and hour. We took this message contactees who supposedly "lucky" to capture the so-called automatic writing — this is when a person displays on paper a cipher and it is believed that he is not writing, and his hand (or head) run a higher power.

In Dal'negorsk from across the country gathered thousands of people. About the visit of aliens have written almost all coastal newspapers and some central. People few days living in camps, most were sitting or lying on the ground and waited for the aliens. But they have not appeared.

With 29-year-old Alexander K. "Results" met during the UFO expedition to Taganrog. According to the young man, he constantly communicates with an alien intelligence. The fact that he has demonstrated in support of their capacity, to say the least, unusual. Alexander said in an incomprehensible, nothing on similar language. First, from his chest pulled out a strange sound, the deaf and rhythmic, then it starts to whistle and he smacked, and then it becomes articulate speech. However, it is more like a song — smooth, with a predominance of the stretched vowels. Among the words may be hard to make out, "avashatayen", "ramanur", "Talaba", "aynahopt", "ayoyya."

"Talk to me is not easy, often nose bleeds, my friends and relatives have already got used to it," — said Alexander. He was born in Dushanbe, a few years ago, his parents moved to the Sea of Azov. As a child, my mother repeatedly traveled the Pamirs. Claims that aliens have cured his mother from cancer …

"They taught me how to understand their language. Their planet is called Talaba — he continues his story. — They're not gray, how often are newcomers, it's a different race. Slightly orange person wearing hooded cloaks and are afraid of the light. First contact with them at I was in the vicinity of the Tanais, in a vacant lot. I was able to go on their ship that looked like a big glowing hemisphere with a triangle below. Boarding the ship to the touch reminiscent of chitin. unusual light inside the ship, did not see his sources. walls as if made of crystal … "

According to Alexander, our brothers in mind are going to save humanity. After all, as a contactee says, in a few years closer to Earth huge planet Nibiru. She arrives in time 3,600 years, leading to incredible destruction and disasters. At the end of 2007, Alexander recorded a valuable message in his diary: "Nibiru is on its way." Evidence of its approach are numerous alleged climate change. Nibiru or Planet of retaliation, actually mentioned in Sumerian texts as a celestial body that moves in a highly elliptical orbit, and once every few thousand years, is in the zone of attraction of the Earth. A couple of years ago, astronomers and ufologists have hunted for Nibiru. There was even a set area of the sky where the punishing earthlings planet should appear. But it never came.

Alexander K. sent us their records, which in addition to the diary notes were a lot of drawings, diagrams, strange symbols resembling hieroglyphics. Similar images specialists'd seen a few years ago when a group of researchers led by Nicholas RUFORS Subbotin been studying the Russians contact Andre Siebert. His archive a lot of illustrative materials, sound recordings communicate with other worlds, who shared with him their information. As hopes Siebert, these materials will help people interested in understanding the mysteries of the universe.

People with imagination

Radio telescopes while unsuccessfully looking for signals from distant planets. The universe is silent
(Photo: From the Files NICHOLAS SUBBOTINA)

"Today in Russia there are about seven thousand contactees, — the head of the research association" Kosmopoisk "Vadim Chernobrov. — With many we periodically communicate, some of them deserve to be heard. Majority, tend to report the same information to the general plan that the aliens want to save the Earth from an incoming asteroid or non-existent giant planets. "

In recent years, interest waned somewhat kontakterstvu. Indeed, how can you believe in the extraordinary stories of the word, let the facts, ladies and gentlemen, the facts. "We are like-minded investigated predictions and reports about six hundred contactees, spent a lot of time and effort, and now I can say with conviction: there were no cases of confirmed predictions, the more real benefit from advice allegedly aliens," — said Alexander Rempel . Most of contactees confessed that they just made it up. There were those who became psychiatric patients.

If we turn to the existing special statistics, 90 percent of the contactees prove to be ordinary make-believe, that is, people with a rich imagination. One of the most famous contactees-liars experts call Victor Kostrykina, draw mechanisms flying saucers. In fact, it turned out that as a model for his paintings he used a plywood mock-up sets, made by Polish filmmakers. Another contactee Oleg Solomennikov from Moscow, Noginsk, scoring a pretty successful business, now predicts in 2030 the death of all mankind.

But there are still 10 percent, which will not rule out such a possibility did hear something. After all, the same people listened to the predictions of Nostradamus or Vanga — they, too, of a kind contactees. That unusual information that comes to their mind, can not in fact be taken anywhere. Psychiatrists are not in a hurry to put all of the diagnosis "schizophrenia." According to a senior researcher at the State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry. VP of Serbia, PhD Natalia Shemchuk, with positive stage schizophrenia person is sheer nonsense, watching hallucinations, and when leaving a negative, completely closed. Contactees the majority of people of a different warehouse, they are, in contrast, are willing to share their information available only with a large number of people.

Yes, we are sometimes surprised by the similarity of drawings and notes from complete strangers to each other people. But the graphics and text — is a reflection of our creative thinking. What information is transmitted to the level of the encoded images, bearing in itself a cipher, requiring a clue? No sooner do we have decided to abandon this task? Some believe that the time has passed contactees, but there are more and more the only ones who pay their attention is to space, and he regularly provides them with cryptic cipher.

Bumping: OPINION

For aliens hurt

Sergei Yaz, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, director of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University:

— To date, all the long-term activity UFO has not given a single objective evidence of an alien presence on Earth, which is consistent with the modern astronomical data. It turns out that science and ufology live in different, almost non-overlapping worlds — the world of reality and the world of myths. I think that contactees — an object for psychiatrists. Contactees believe tantamount to recognize that hypothetical aliens total nerd. Do other people have overcome the giant planets of space only in order to whisper manifestly inadequate personalities full of nonsense about the effect of gravity on the magnetic fields of planets in the solar system? If aliens wanted to warn about the dangers of the Earth, they would have appealed more to the scientist. It becomes even somehow sorry for the aliens. Each century its legends: five years ago, people were talking about demons, devils, devils. Now talking about aliens. This is normal, but you should not take these things seriously. Time will pass, and stop talking about aliens as well as sprites. But there will be new myths — for example, about the essence of intelligent online. To this we must take it easy.

Gindilis lion, the head of the Russian Scientific and Cultural Center SETI, astronomer, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences:

— Personally, I'd like to believe that no other civilization, of course, exist, but contactees it has nothing to do and with whom they communicate, astronomers unknown.

Georgy Grechko, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union:

— Unfortunately, in the time that I spent in space, aliens are not met. Although I've got a desire to make them appear. Personally, I do not trust contactees, but I know a few people in the world, they are not more than five, which seems to me to have some unexplained until the connection with other worlds.

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