Hiler anxious fingers pressed into a nerve


Victor Tikhomirov, artist

I returned to the Philippine Islands. Such an occasion came out, that it was possible to personally observe at close range inexplicable things as Gogol said, and for the broadest mind.
Television showed shortly before the transfer of the healers (Filipino doctors doing surgery without instruments, disinfection and anesthesia). In the transfer was to shove everything under what is advertising: image overlay some tricks, blood flows, otherworldly music and staring eyes of the victims. This product, according to advertisers, the most running. But the crooks are known for good reason breeds, and around anything truly valuable.

Science, too, usually, first observed the phenomenon, and after to get down to the roots, do not always accurately. My journey was the second in a row and to the doctor with the most reliable recommendations. Part of the company of three more beloved and respected friends with several poor health, as parties to the earlier one and all travel healed.
Armed with a completely materialistic tool — a video camera, I again tried to penetrate the mystery of the method (prohibitions on shooting have been reported). I myself have entrusted the Filipino talent some of the current malaise, to supplement the experience of tactile sensations. Ailments back, but clarity is not increased. Hiler Rudy, pre-grinding (Christian, Roman Catholic), the pinch fingers trembling in the affected area (head to the leg to the heart, the stomach itself, or even the eye), instantly filled with blood collected by an assistant with a cotton swab, and pulled out some substance that threw into the pelvis. When asked what it is, the answer was: the disease.

Neither the gaping wounds with peeps guts, no bare bones because I did not see blood, but touched the extraction of themselves naturally. It should be noted short sleeves doctors and bent right over the scene of another nose-interpreter. After the location is smoothed by hand, lubricants and special liquids taken the previous form.

Finally the doctor produced a gesture with your fingers, causing the feeling as if you pierced with an awl, and so alternately operated on in all places. Encourages the patient markedly, up to the vain attempts to climb a palm tree. Science is silent about the reasons for this skepticism. Religion confirms the correctness and the power of God's plan. It remains sensible to mount a film for the edification of divorcing his hands in bewilderment, "traditional" doctors.

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