How to see the invisible?

November 18, 2011 21:39

In 1897 he went to England fiction novel by HG Wells' The Invisible Man. " The book talks about the scientist, who was able to make himself invisible with the help of a machine, to give the human body the absolute optical clarity.

However, Wells made some mistakes. First of all, strangely enough, the writer did not consider the obvious fact that this would be invisible to the blind, because the light would pass freely through it, but does not break on the retina. Second, the hero of the novel — a physicist Griffin — argued that it is not visible, is still alive, because he was able to change a tissue. But the human body — it is not only the living tissue. And updated constantly dying cells of epidermis, the nails, the hair.

So rather invisible would be like a vague ghost. And finally, the food eaten Griffin was visible as long as "completely without mastering the body." But no amount of food is not digested "in full." Much of it out of the body naturally. In addition to being in the air is always a significant amount of dust that settles on the skin would be invisible, but it is detail.

So, it appears to create the invisible man can not? Such as that of HG Wells — no. But we will not criticize science fiction, we take the novel for its allegory and turn to more recent times.

"Eldridge" and stealth technology

Newton argued that light is always propagated in straight lines. Einstein proved that rays of light can be bent around a massive space objects. Is it possible to artificially create such distortions on Earth?

The history of the so-called Philadelphia Experiment is well known, he allegedly held the U.S. Navy in October 1943. The purpose of the experience — to make the invisible destroyer "Eldridge." It was assumed that electromagnetic fields cause rounding of light and radio waves around the destroyer. The experiment supposedly (again allegedly!) Attended by Einstein, and even the legendary Nikola Tesla. The latter, however, is unlikely, since the date of death Tesla is officially in January 1943. That happened on the "Eldridge," We know from numerous publications and two feature films.

But it's all in the field of speculation, but the true reality — a technique to reduce the visibility of military vehicles in the radar, infrared and. Other regions of the spectrum detection, using a special geometric shapes, radar absorbing materials and coatings, or stele technology. True, to achieve total absorption of the waves is not possible. And here it is worth recalling that during the conflict in Yugoslavia U.S. plane created by this method, was shot down. On board the fallen cars soon appeared echidna inscription: "Sorry, we did not know he was invisible."

A strange incident in Castleford

In the small American town of Castleford in the service consisted of eight police officers — a place was surprisingly quiet. Close to the town sided with the military base Wallace Bay, but, contrary to custom, there was no problems with its staff. At the base was an object of the Ministry of Defense, called the "Institute Dagg", which really no one knew anything.
At night, July 19, 1991 David Jones was carrying a police routine service on the street policing. Ateper give the floor to the most red-tape-monger.

"About three o'clock in the morning I was not far from the gates of the base Wallace Bay. They began to open up, which surprised me, because usually no one went out at night. Out at a high speed burst army jeep. Instinctively, I stepped back into the shadows of houses, so that the car I could hardly see. She roared swept around. Behind the wheel was empty. It's unbelievable, but true. The car, a little slow down, turned the corner. Judging by the sound of the engine, it surely was worn through the deserted streets. Stunned, I could not move. So it was until a few minutes later the jeep did not return to the base, and the gate is not closed behind him. "

Police sincerity is not in doubt, but is it weird message? It could be a test machine equipped with cameras and remotely controlled by radio. But subsequent events suggest that sit behind the wheel of a jeep … invisible.

Tragedy in Bangor

Jones' report on the focus does not seem to have paid, and most of the police was soon transferred to a new duty station. Some time later, • Institute Dagga "was not disbanded, not relocated, and the base of Wallace Bay closed. One of the officers, "Institute", Darrel Barnes, moved to Bangor and lived in his own house. There Oct. 3, 1997, and found his body with a gunshot wound back of the skull. To rob it was not like — in the office of Barnes, almost within sight, remained a fairly large amount of money. Valuable collections of stamps and old coins were intact. But all the information stored in a computer has been completely destroyed. Recording cameras were also missing. And — no sign of penetration. The audit showed that the operation of the equipment has not been tampered. But not the same Barnes shot himself in the head!
Letter Darrel Barnes

Only after a long search, police have found a hiding place in his desk Barnes. There were a few sheets of paper, scribbled by hand by the scientist. It was an unfinished letter about his work at the "Institute Dagg." Apparently, it was meant for the media — apparently, Barnes intended to bring this information to light. Here is what he wrote: "In the" Institute Dagga "I worked in the group of Dr Malcolm Murdoch, we have developed the so-called backpack amplifier. The idea was to create a device that deflects the light waves at a small distance. Thus, the man, armed with this device would be invisible. But in this case he himself would not have seen? Not at all. Knapsack amplifier does not affect the free passage of a wave infrared range. It was enough to put on the glasses, which convert infrared radiation into visible light, and our invisible not only would have seen — in fact, he would see at night as well as during the day … ".

Barnes further hinted at the possibility of a more detailed account of the "Institute of Dagg." It is possible that someone who is interested in the preservation of these secrets, learned about the intentions of the scientist. So, Barnes entered the house they also created the invisible? But then thought nothing simulate suicide scientist not shoot in the head, but, say, in the head, throw weapons. And if it did not, it certainly intentional. This was a clear warning to those who might try to follow the path of Darrel Barnes.

"Invisibility cloak"

In June 2011, experts from the University of California at Berkeley (USA) managed to create a model of the "invisibility cloak." Development of scientists actually able to hide an object from the human eye, it can be said is the world's first example of such a device operating in the visible wavelength range.

Recall that all the previous versions of "invisible cloaks" worked in the infrared, but the new development scientists can make objects invisible in the whole band reception wavelengths corresponding to visible light.

The principle of operation of the new cloak next — a protective coating that resembles a mirror, place objects, and because through the coating can not see the object in the bottom, then the observer shall have no clue that something is under the mirror.

Thus, visible light, as if "bypass" the hidden object. To do this, scientists have developed special materials with variable index of refraction (metamaterials, they do not exist in nature).

In order to make the composite material properties of the "invisibility cloak", the researchers placed a transparent nanoporous silica waveguide substrate of silicon nitride (nanoporous silicon oxide substrate has a lower refractive index than the waveguide). They then made the nanoscale holes in nitride layer, and thus the material and acquired the necessary properties.

This development scientists Tokyo

Invisible power
But why is the development of "Institute Dagga" surrounded by such a mystery? Unseen army on this basis does not create. Smeknet opponent quickly, what is it, infrared scanners complement the rest. Well, if it is a subversive or, worse still, intelligence operations? At every door infrared scanner not hang. Modern war — is, first of all, the information war. However, this may not be the only (or less) in this. The secrets of the invisible power — too much temptation to not become the object of attention of many stakeholders.

Andrey Bystrov
Secrets of the twentieth century

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