Hypnosis: memories of past lives

February 1, 2012 19:15

Despite the impressive achievements of science (in particular — Medicine), so still and know thoroughly, what is it — the human brain. The greatest mystery? Yes. Huge universe, with tens of billions of nerve cells-neurons and countless meaningful relationships? Sure. We learned how to clearly distinguish gray and white matter, the hemisphere, evidence: here it is — the memory area, it is — the zone of associative thinking, and so on. But how are the thought processes? Unclear. And in the way of their own knowledge of the human brain offers startling discovery …

I will help to remember …

Iohannef Buttlar, known in the West, a psychologist and hypnotist, gives his patients a trip to the past.

It's amazing that a person can survive in a state of hypnosis, sometimes getting to the roots of his "I" …

— You are quite calm, relaxed, you hear only my voice. Eyelids heavy, they fall. You plunge into a deep sleep, a deep hypnotic sleep

Relaxed, detached from their everyday concerns, before sitting Buttlar Heidi Corbis. She — a television announcer. Will return this cuteness early forties in her past, up to the moment of birth, and even in her old life? Slowly, steadily psychologist "leads" Heidi back in time to her childhood. In hypnotic sleep she tells of the events, pop in her memory.

— Now you five years — said Iohannef feeling. — Where are you?

— I'm in Windisch-Laibach — barely audible she says. — The Little Chapel. Pastor hump.

— Do you sleep deep hypnotic sleep, in dreams we go back even further back, to your birth. What do you feel?

— I do not want to talk.

— Are you cold or warm?

— Heat, and it was very light.

— We are in the past, many years before you were born. Did you see anything?

— White cloth-like sail. And it's very light … Lots of sun, is a big tree …

— Where is the tree?

— The middle of meadows. This is Scotland …

— Do you see yourself?

— I feel great.

— What else do you see?

— Room. There a large table. Plates — Mugs — grass.

— What is your name?

— Louise.

— What year is in the court?

— 1617-th.

— Where are you?

— I do not know. I can not see anything — hypnotized woman falls into a coma, starts panting.

— Calm down, you're completely relaxed and calm — inspires her hypnotist.

In the Civil War

Many people sometimes get the feeling that they had lived in another time and in another place. It happens that the float fragments of memories that can not be put in order. Whether it is the impressions that are deposited in the memory for life? Or, as some have claimed, it floats to the surface experiences "in another existence"? The circles on "a journey into the past" under hypnosis — business as usual. It makes it possible to achieve that hypnotized step by step back to his youth, childhood — up to the moment of birth, and then in the more distant past. It worked out in the case of young American George Field. Hypnotist Loring Williams introduced the 15-year-old American in a deep hypnotic sleep. Williams gradually returned the boy to the time of his birth, and then more than a hundred years back in time.

Soon the boy said:

— I was Jonathan Powell … A simple farmer from North Carolina … He lived there alone … near the town of Jefferson … Born in 1832 … During the Civil War in 1863, rebel soldiers have killed me … They shot me in the stomach … …

As far as possible to the historical documents, razdobytye Williams, he checked the details, told under hypnosis George Field and Casa Jonathan Powell. It was found that hypnotized reported on such features of this area and the town that can not think, but it was only possible to know. Then Loring Williams with the boy went to Jefferson. When he had a hypnosis session in the presence of the historian, is specifically studied this region, revealed a striking: speaking on behalf of the farmer Powell, George Field was able to name the names of all the local "city fathers" of the last century. He also described their house in great detail.

However, the documented existence of Jonathan Powell, was not proved, because in this area began to register births and deaths only from 1912. One has found a link: the name of Jonathan Powell's grandmother, as claimed under hypnosis Field, was Mary Powell. And according to the same paper, dated 1803 year, Mary Powell did buy in the area plot. Williams published a story about an impressive, though not quite provable hypnotic return to the past. After some time George Field received a letter. The woman with the maiden name Powell wrote to him that she is a great-niece, Jonathan Powell. She told him about the details of the life of Jonathan Powell, who was known on the oral stories in their family. Along with everything else, she wrote: "Jonathan Powell was my great-grandfather. He was killed the Yankees. "

HYPNOSIS — key opening doors SUBCONSCIOUS

Hypnosis allows relatively quick and reliable access to the subconscious. After hypnosis — it is not nothing but a kind of sleep, a condition in which a good hypnotist 'manages events. " For example, you can animate the incredible details fell from memory or intentionally forced out of her event. This sometimes things happen, worthy of the pen of the writer of science fiction. Sometimes, that are immersed in a hypnotic trance people, talking about himself, claimed that they live in a very different age. The most striking thing — sometimes they meet a hypnotist in another language, which in the waking state, had no idea — it was the language of the country of which they are mentioned. In some cases, the experts involved in the experiments at the cost of a large survey work established that these dialect or dialect, as used subject, actually correspond to the peculiarities of the language in the age in which, as claimed by a person under hypnosis, he supposedly lived.

Woman or a man?

Amazing event occurred in the second half of the XX century in the United States. Doctor from Philadelphia from time to time to practice hypnosis as a method of treatment. In 1955 he was appointed a series of hypnotic sessions of their 37-year-old wife. Seeing that it is easily hypnotized, he tried to get her back into the past. During one of the sessions, the wife began talking low male voice, with a strong Scandinavian accent. Certainty that it is — a man whose name is Jensen Jacoby. Then it all began to respond to questions in a foreign language, as I understand the doctor, some Scandinavian.

The next session was invited several Scandinavian specialists, including a Swedish scientist Nils Sahlin, former director of the American-Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. He found that by entering into the image of Jensen Jacobi woman spoke on old Swedish, but she knew the questions put to her by modern Swedish.

Science now knows how to explain this phenomenon.

Judging by the situation described above, it can be cautiously concluded that each person lives many lives. Past incarnations, so called, we do not remember (why — a mystery), and the future, of course, know nothing.

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