In 2012, a secret door will open the last of the Great Pyramid

January 22, 2012 18:15

Pyramid of Cheops - the largest pyramid in the world.

Pyramid of Cheops — the largest pyramid in the world.

What secrets are hiding behind it?


Some researchers are convinced that at the heart of the pyramid of Cheops are secret gate, behind which lies something that explains its purpose. Until now it is not clear: what was built so strange building?

Gates as if hidden behind the last secret door, which will open in 2012. At least, it was promised by specialists from the British robotics company Scoutek. They help solve the mystery to archaeologists, over which scientists are fighting for 140 years. Indeed, since 1872, scientists are trying to penetrate into the center of the Great Pyramid.

Recall the pyramid, built 4500 years ago, consists of several monumental tombs, ventilation shafts and connecting tunnels. Three burial chambers arranged one above the other, are called "the king of the House," "House of the Queen" and "Grand Gallery." In the bottom of the "Grand Gallery" ends down the passage, which closed a large granite "stopper." Experts believed that she was hiding a vertical hole, leading to a secret chamber. But look inside the person is not possible, because the width of the camera across the entire 20 cm

First went to her robot in 1993, German engineer Rudolf Gantenbrink. He ran into a "plug" which was the door with brass handles. Then ufologists excitedly began to argue that it is a store. There are hidden books brought from lost Atlantis, treasure, or even extraterrestrial objects that show the ancient Egyptians communication with aliens.

Even serious scientists were worried: after all, no brass handles or anything metallic No one ever found in the pyramids. There was even a fantastic version of the levers on the door — it's the details of some of the electrical system left by aliens, the "end" — "plus" and "minus". This hypothesis has existed as a very real, almost nine years. But in 2002, a mysterious door pulled tracked, remote-controlled robot Pyramid Rover, developed by experts of the Boston firm iRobot and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He drilled a hole in it, which is stuck in a camera. And all the hopes dashed ufologists: the cell was empty. However, the eyes of researchers revealed some room to another — the second mysterious door in the distance. It took nine years to build a robot that would be able to drive back to the first door. Something about her alarmed scientists in 2002. But the doubts and assumptions openly advertise.

In May 2011, the first with a robot snake-produced British corporation Scoutek, scientists photographed the door at the rear. New Robot Jedi essentially repeated the actions of his predecessor. But stuck in a hole upgraded camera on a flexible control rod — a kind of endoscope. With it failed to consider the "secret chamber" in more detail.

Of the door on the other hand has been carefully polished. Brass rods pierced "door" through. And ends with a small loop. Which clearly showed: rods — not part of the electrical system, and all but the handle.

Survey confirmed that a secret chamber on the other side is closed by another mysterious door. Or the whole unit. For him, according to experts, can be located some room. Or those "secret gate" that fans dream anomalous.

So far, the most important archaeological finds — hieroglyphs in red to 4,500 years ago has been used up half of a "secret chamber". It is assumed that if you can decipher these characters, you will understand the purpose of the strange tunnels pyramid.

However, further studies were terminated in summer riots in Egypt. The Supreme Council of Antiquities has suspended the issuance of permits to explore the pyramids, including studies using robotics. But archaeologists promise not to stop halfway.

— I am confident that we will be able to resume work in 2012, — the head of the expedition, Sean Whitehead. — While we are waiting for permission to return to the pyramid. Meanwhile, increases the quality of the robot scout. Our main task — to thoroughly examine and record the relief of stone blocks to gather maximum information. We still hope to look beyond the stones block the entry, if it is, of course, will be safe.

What might be lurking in the secret chambers?

French architect Jean-Pierre Uden says that the Great Pyramid may have not one but two secret chambers, the existence of which no one still knew nothing.

Space in the center of the pyramid Uden "saw" with 3D-modeling by studying the information provided American Egyptologist Bob Brier. According to the architect, in these rooms is stored furniture that Pharaoh Cheops was to use in the afterlife. Such premises, for example, is in the pyramid of Snefru, father of Khufu. Perhaps elements of the old project implemented and the Great Pyramid. In addition, the blocks that make up the north wall of the tomb in the pyramid of Cheops, as indicated by the presence there is not identified until the passage that led to the secret room, and allowed participants to go outside the funeral procession.

But colleagues Udena French archaeologists Jacques Darmon Bardot and France believe that is still hidden from the human eye mummy room is the mother of Cheops — Hetefekes. Case misrepresented that in 1925 to open burial mother of Khufu, but its mummy has never been found. It is quite possible that his son left a will that after his death his mother reburied closer to him.

It is also possible that, in the heart of a true pyramid hidden burial chamber of Pharaoh Cheops — with its sarcophagus and mummy. And that — empty, which is known to all today, was made for the blind.

OPINION pessimist

Egyptologist Peter Manuelian of Harvard University:

— I do not exclude that the red characters left 4,500 years ago, life could only technological marks builders.

Egyptologist Kate Spence of Cambridge University:

— Mysterious tunnels inside the pyramid are purely symbolic and refer to star charts. I do not believe that the "secret gate" is some kind of camera. Sure: these narrow stone passageways ancient Egyptians built for Pharaoh's spirit moved seamlessly into the next world. And then easily cruised back and forth. A second door — it's nothing more than a "door" to the afterlife.

OPINION Optimist

German archaeologist Rudolf Gantebrink:

— I do not think that the mysterious channels paved for the soul of the pharaoh could get out. After all, the only pyramid with ventilation channels for some reason is just great. And what — the other cops do not need any special way to exit out. Is the spirit of Khufu was more clumsy than other spirits? These channels have a different purpose. It may, in fact, they lead to a "secret gate", behind which lurk in the answers to all the questions that torment scientists 140 years?

Svetlana KUZINA

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