In 2012, archaeologists print out the secret gate

December 14, 2011 17:00

For unstudied manhole in the Great Pyramid are hoping to find the secret chamber.
Secret gate, located in the heart of the pyramid of Cheops, the first to be opened in 2012. This forecast was made in the British robotics company that helps archaeologists solve the mystery over which scientists are fighting for 140 years.

 Pyramid built 4.5 thousand years ago, consists of several monumental tombs, ventilation shafts and connecting tunnels. Three burial chambers arranged one above the other, called the king of Chambers, Chambers of Queen and the Grand Gallery. At the bottom of the Grand Gallery ends down the passage in which three large granite stuck "plug." Some experts believe that implies a vertical hole, leading to a secret chamber.

Width stone bag across a total of 20 cm, which does not allow a person to look into it. Many researchers have got rid of the torment, deciding for yourself what is the purpose of the passage is to allow the spirit of the Pharaoh run smoothly back and forth. But modern archaeologists were not satisfied with this explanation and decided to check speculation predecessors, armed with the latest technology.

Open up the last gate of the pyramid of Cheops tried at the beginning of this year. With the help of a robotic snake produced British corporation Scoutek, was the first to get the pictures from the other side. The camera recorded that blocks the passage of some sort of door.

Exploration was terminated through no fault of scientists circumstances: in Egypt riots. The Supreme Council of Antiquities stopped granting permits for research pyramids, including studies using robotics. But archaeologists are not going to stop in the middle. "I am confident that we will be able to resume work in 2012 — told The Daily Mail expedition leader Shaun Whitehead. — While we are waiting for permission to return to the pyramid. "

Forced break technique used to improve the quality of robot intelligence and help scientists determine their future plans. "Our main task — to thoroughly examine and record the relief stone blocks to collect as much information to help archaeologists to determine their goals and objectives, — explained Uaytehed. — We are still waiting to look beyond the stones block the entry, if it is, of course, would be safe and appropriate. "

However, skeptics believe that all this will not bring fruit. Thus, an Egyptologist Kate Spence of Cambridge University believes that the mysterious tunnels inside the pyramid are purely symbolic and refer to star charts. She does not believe that the secret gate is a camera, and believes that the stone walkways were built to the spirit of the Pharaoh seamlessly moved to the afterlife.

Raisa Osadchikh

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