In casting for Medium intervened mysticism?


On August 25, the online channel CTC will have a new mystical and esoteric project "Medium." Of daily time in the genre of the magazine "Popular Science" viewers will learn about all the mysterious phenomena: the unusual abilities of people, strange and unexplained phenomena that occur not with all, but absolutely everyone is of great interest.

The program will consist of the vivid and fascinating stories of "star" stories. They are shooting in full for several months, especially since problems with the selection of topics for stories from the creative team "Medium" No — it turns out, the incredible events and phenomena are found at every turn. But with the selection of the lead cropped great difficulties.

In this role, many were tried: professional actors and TV presenters, science fiction writers and psychics, journalists and magicians. They are subject to important requirement: to have a genuine interest in mysticism, esotericism and other "anomalies" of today's reality. However, most of them face the role of "Medium" was not able to do. The producers even made a bold conclusion that the project itself rejects the wrong people. Thus, the appearance of some of the characters in the studio, where the auditions were held at the lead, exploding lights and disappeared with the text files from the computer.

However, all of those who went through the casting for the lead, and in fact, had a direct bearing on that or other paranormal phenomena. For example, a journalist of the TV channels during the casting said that, being a staunch materialist, a few years ago visited the Altai shamans, who from and to tell him all his life, and showed some of their rituals and conspiracies. Back in Moscow, the journalist suddenly realized after traveling to the shamans of his intuition has escalated to such an extent that he is able to "feel" its immediate future. This ability once helped him to avoid the crash — buying a plane ticket, he felt a sudden and inexplicable anxiety, already moving away from cash, suddenly decided to go back and change them for another flight.

As it turned out, the engine plane in which he was supposed to fly if it had not changed the tickets, got a bird on take-off, and only thanks to the professionalism of the pilots managed to avoid casualties.
Another contender for the role of the face of the "Medium", a famous dancer and model, has admitted that a few days before the invitation to the casting seen in the suburban sky unidentified flying object. It was a huge ball of light flying by a strange path, and then disappeared in the clouds. The young man said he now considers the incident as a sign: probably the aliens wanted to show him that soon he will be relevant for the bizarre, and consequently — to the program "Medium".

When the on-set of a young sorcerer came from the Ukraine, in the studio and do something began to happen out of the ordinary. Three spontaneously turn off the camera lights flashed limelight and has all the off-scale high-frequency equipment. On the team director, "Action!" reacted only people, but all the equipment was on strike. Crew only had that shrug, but the young man comforted the director: "Wait a moment — everything has to get used to my energy, and then going to work." He walked several times up and down the studio, and a minute later all at once rebellious technique has been engaged.

Casting the lead for the "Medium" finally came to an end, and on August 25, at 17-30 we find out who will be the face of this amazing program.

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