In his own family home in Canada caught two pythons

Family living in the Canadian city of Toronto, in his own house caught two adults pitonov.Pervaya king snake was found in the bathroom. Chris Ford and wife Janet Wilkinson started to repair their homes. On opening the floor in the bathroom, they were faced with the first reptile. Python scared of people and disappeared. Only after the five-week search and attempts to catch the python with lures, spouses were able to rediscover the snake. The reptile was found and caught near the refrigerator. The length of a python, which hosts named Monty and sent to a pet store, was 90 centimeters.

Second royal python Canadian family discovered a few days. Reptile hiding in the dryer for laundry. Python named Montague, and after the first python, was sent to the pet store. As it turned out the house snake Chris Ford and Janet Wilkinson did not know. Perhaps reptile escaped from its previous owners.

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