In Khabarovsk, completed the construction of health centers Centre for the Prevention and Control of AIDS

The new building housed the laboratory of the Institute of Parasitology, study enterovirus, natural focal infections. Here will be held diagnostic and experimental work with microorganisms.

Construction of clinics Far East Regional Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS began in 2010 under the federal target program "Prevention and Control of Social Diseases (2007-2012)."

"The facility meets all the requirements of biosecurity. This means that the staff and the people are fully protected from the spread of strains outside of the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. The new building will be able to create a collection of Far Eastern cultures — the causative agents of infectious diseases. Through research, the Institute staff will make recommendations to the public, health care professionals for the treatment of a disease, predict the development of the situation, "- said the Minister of Health Region Alexander Vitko.

The building provides the necessary engineering and technical framework for biosafety, namely tight building envelope constructions, automatic climate control and ventilation with fine filters, special drainage system, collection and treatment of wastewater, biological safety cabinet, collection system, disposal and recycling of waste. Significant improvement of material and technical base of the Institute will explore more fully the laws of epidemiology of HIV and viral hepatitis, to predict the spread of foot and mouth disease of nature.
"In the Far East, we note the great migration. Only at checkpoints Khabarovsk Krai and the Jewish Autonomous Region crosses the border every year about 600,000 people. In Khabarovsk remains a large number of foreign workers. It is important to keep a finger on the pulse. This center will allow us to work expeditiously. The result of the study, we will be able to get in during the day. Early diagnosis can prevent the spread of dangerous infections, "- said the head of the Office of Epidemiology in the Khabarovsk region Vladimir Ott.
Commissioning of the clinic will raise the organization of laboratory research in the region to a new level, to increase the efficiency of scientific research to the sanitary and epidemiological well-being and reduce infectious diseases in the Far East of the Russian Federation.

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