In Khabarovsk, has opened a new kindergarten for 190 places

New kindergarten "Dewdrop" on 190 children was commissioned in the Industrial district Habarovska.Stroitelstvo and equipping kindergarten all the necessary equipment and furniture at a cost of 228.5 million rubles. Of these, 85 per cent from the regional budget, while 15 percent — city. The builders have kept exactly one year.

Total area of a three-storey building is nearly five thousand square meters. And here comfortably settled accommodation for ten groups with separate bedrooms and a study room. It offers young Khabarovsk music and sports halls, an office for additional lessons, equipped with computers. There is even a sensory room, where everything is designed for the development of children: soft play modules, dry pool, special facilities for the development of motor skills, tactile sensations and color perception.

Babies who are already in a week will be full owners "Rosinka", can go to the winter garden, get acquainted with the objects in the "Corner of Russian life." The latest technology equipped laundry room and a kitchen — it installed combi ovens to prepare ye the food was tasty and useful, as well as other equipment.

Photo essay:http://www.khabarovskadm….ndex.php?ELEMENT_ID=80089 

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