In Khabarovsk, opened a new building Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology

In Khabarovsk, the opening of the new building FBUN Khabarovsk Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Epidemiology, "Far Eastern Regional Health Centre Centre for the Prevention and Control of AIDS"

The opening of the new building of the Institute will conduct research and practice and laboratory research to a new level with the use of modern bio-security systems, improve the organization of surveillance, prevent the spread of infections and save the health of residents of the Far Eastern region.

Clinic built in the framework of the federal target program "Prevention and control of socially significant diseases in the period 2007-2012" and is a strategic asset. Its activities are aimed at ensuring national biosecurity across the region, the Far East and Russia as a whole.

The total cost of construction area of 4263.8 sq reached 522 million 247.8 thousand rubles, including equipment -130 895.9 million rubles.

The building contains all the necessary engineering and technical framework for biosafety. This tight building envelope design, automated air conditioning and ventilation with a fine filter, a special system of sewage treatment, bathing and delousing, the system of waste disposal, etc.

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