In Khabarovsk, opened a new health center

In Khabarovsk, opened a new health center in a consultative and diagnostic center "Viveya." This health center is the eighth in the Khabarovsk Territory.


Center is located in a historic building — a monument of architecture of the last century the street Zaparina, 88. Before the revolution there was a house II Eremeeva, as in Soviet times — the children's library.

The decision to overhaul the building was made in March of this year. Overhaul marginal cost to the treasury of 60 million rubles.

Now, on an area of 600 square meters will house 28 units of modern diagnostic equipment, study physical therapy.


Khabarovsk residents and visitors can get a range of free health services — To pass the primary diagnosis, to assess the condition of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory, eye examination, the content of cholesterol in the blood, get to know the procedures for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Health centers — one of the national health project. In the regions of Russia has opened more than 700 adults and children's centers.


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