In Khabarovsk, the first in the world to develop a special measuring nanoparticles

Unique invention presented at the Institute of Automation and Control Processes FEB RAS (Vladivostok), students and teachers The Natural Sciences Institute of the Far Eastern State University of Railway Transport (Khabarovsk). According to the spokesperson of the DVGUPS developed by the Khabarovsk experts optical meter size of nanoparticles unique in the world yet. The presentation was held in the framework of the invention, the second school-conference "Photonics micro-and nanostructures."

This direction is today among the most dynamic in the world. It is a priority for the scientists and the Natural Sciences Institute DVGUPS. It involved research capacity of departments "Physics", "Optical Communication Systems" and "Engineering Mechanics". In the Far Eastern Railway University are postgraduate and doctoral studies in related fields, continuing training in "Physics and technology of optical communication", and last year licensed master direction "Photonics and Optoinformatics."

It should be noted that the scientists of the Natural Sciences Institute DVGUPS, developing direction of photonics and Optoinformatics set themselves not only purely scientific purposes. In the long term — are important for native industry practical problems: non-destructive testing, the modern methods of data processing, the development of new methods of process control, security systems of transport processes.

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