In Khakassia released atlas attractions

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Khakassia released "Atlas of Khakassia places of interest." Just talked about the publication 49 things republic, including Ivanovo lake Tuimsky failure or Chests, Taar pig sanctuary, Saragashensky Bay or Pisanyza "Hazyna hyr." This is the first illustrated edition of this kind, with information about the cultural and natural heritage of the Republic of Khakassia.

"The peculiarity of our collection is — says Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Egorova PX, — that it contains information about the unique and territories, and scenic nature monuments and archaeological sites and about the culture and about the hot spots — all worthy of attention in Khakassia, as reflected in this book. "

The structure of the atlas built on the basis of the administrative from the directory are eight regions of the country, starting with the northernmost Ordzhonikidze district and ending in the south — Tashtypsky. So, from north to south by the majority of the population migrations Khakassian since ancient times.
Beautifully illustrated edition, it used about 1000 photos and drawings, also included in the atlas three-card scheme and ekskurs archeology in Khakassia from the well-known historian and archaeologist Leonid Eremina.

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