In Khakassia students buy textbooks for 35,000,000

In Khakassia will provide textbooks for all students of junior classes.

Photo: Andrew Kedrin

In 2012, Khakassia received 35 million rubles from the federal budget for the purchase of textbooks, the ministry of education and science of the Republic.

Funds allocated under the modernization of education in schools — has made its first step. According to the plans, it is expected to provide books of all primary school students in the coming years. This is facilitated and streamlined experience at schools donating books to the more senior junior after the end of the school year.

Delivery of textbooks to be completed before the end of Khakassia in the summer. According to the Minister of Education and Science of Khakassia Galina Salad, the agency managed to achieve favorable terms: work directly with publishers allowed to reduce the cost of textbooks and reduce delivery times. The first batch of books are distributed between municipal educational institutions.


Andrew Kedrin

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