In Kharkov, children with unstable walking robot helps

December 24 at the Ukrainian Research Institute of prosthetics clinic a month for children with cerebral palsy helps machine "Lokomat".

In Kharkov, children with unstable walking helps the robot (PHOTOS)

This machine is essentially a robot. It helps children with cerebral palsy to train muscles of the arms and legs. First child walks slowly, then — from session to session — he walks more confidently, and parallel to increase the load on the feet.

When children with cerebral palsy were engaged in the "old" — in the gym — it was quite a lengthy process, up to a few days. If the deal with the "Lokomat" — only 40 minutes.

The system "Lokomat" allows the use in rehabilitation practice unloading patient's weight with the formation distance This allows to learn the skills of standing and walking, increases the motivation to self-guided walking distance and significantly shortens recovery. At the beginning of training system provides passive movement of the lower extremities, as the recovery of movements share the active participation of the patient in locomotion increases.

4 weeks of use robotic system rehabilitation were 8 children with cerebral palsy, the residents of Kharkov and the Kharkov region. According to the preliminary results of the application of the "Lokomat" patients increased range of motion in the joints of the lower limbs, increased the degree of active participation in the movement of patients, increased stamina for physical activities.

Now kids go home. In general, the early to say even about the primary changes. Later, they will come to the hospital again, where they will continue the course of rehabilitation with the use of physical methods, physical therapy and kinetotherapy.

December 24 hospital visits Deputy Governor Igor Shurma. It looked like a new patient — Olga Davydova, 12 years old — "walks" in the "Lokomat". The monitor displays a cartoon that — just like a computer game — responds to the patient if he goes a little to the left or right, projecting his image on the screen where the sport deer and other animals. Children captures the process, and the legs are themselves run correctly.

I. Shurma also said that the state budget buy "Lokomat" in Kharkov in 2012 was not available. And by the incredible works of the city government and the Ukrainian Research Institute of Prosthetics Clinic succeeded — and in November of the same robot was purchased.


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