In Kharkov, creating a new aircraft factory

Kharkov LLC "Huskies" start creating aircraft manufacturer.

This was reported on September 12 "SQ" in the company. "Huskies" provides processing services for farmland from the air all over Ukraine. For this purpose aircraft "NARP-1" (produced by Nicholas aircraft repair plant). But previously purchased aircraft is not enough, so the "Huskies" making plans to create a production airlines.


According to "Haskoma" repair "NARP-1" set up a production base on which the aircraft industry will develop. For the further development of the project needed foreign investment, the search for which the company is engaged in now. Will be equipped with several new aircraft squadrons (10 cars each). They will be located in different regions of the country. "Perhaps selhozaviatsii role, and hence the need for airplanes, will increase due to the emergence of new sectors of its application," — noted in the company. Now the emphasis farmers make the processing of fields with chemicals, but also developing and biosecurity. In the field start microorganisms that kill insect pests. Weight of sprayed material for aircraft for 40 minutes does not exceed 2 kg. "Use of such work for the An-2 just does not make sense. This aircraft spends an hour 240 liters of fuel, and such aircraft as the" NARP-1 "- 20 liters. A new aircraft will consume even less fuel," — said the company.

The prototype for the future of the aircraft is already there, its working title — "Bend". This was the title aircraft will be certified, and then they would give him a different name. The layout of the aircraft will be most suited to working in Selkhozkhimia machines: motor will be in the front, then — tank chemicals, and then — a cabin for the pilot. This scheme provides security for a possible fall, since the engine compartment and the tank after it hit the ground will be able to essentially pay off his energy, and the pilot did not suffer. "To pass the certification plan to make some two-seaters, but the rest of the aircraft will be single, as it is required for selhozaviatsii. In the organization of production aircraft have now restrains only the lack of investor," — said the airline.

Help "SQ". "Huskies" provides processing of agricultural land with herbicides and insecticides, sunflower desiccation, the resettlement of Trichogramma (biosecurity). Implementing the orders of agro-industrial associations, individuals and farmers. Aviation complex has an air operator's certificate, a valid certificate of airworthiness and certificate of registration. Thus, all activities airline is fully certified in the State Aviation Service of Ukraine and is licensed to conduct aerial chemical works.

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