In Kharkov, spotted a UFO


In Kharkov, in the street of Odessa spotted a UFO. June 21, Saturday, dozens of Kharkiv saw for silver object-transformer, which first moved over the center of the city, and then flew into the airport. Witnesses amazing phenomenon brought to the Editor "ATN" amateur video. What is the first capital so attracted other creatures and that in fact seen the witnesses?

This picture can be seen on Saturday 21 June at 19.30. Oleg Tkachenko, who lives in the streets of Odessa, was walking with her daughter. After a while, something flashed over his head like a zipper, if you look, the man clearly saw the silver object. Ran home behind the camera, Oleg pressed the "rec" and watch what happens next. For 13 minutes unidentified structure moved slowly, at first resembling a boomerang, then a snake and always strangely sparkled, says Oleg.
Oleg Tkachenko, an eyewitness: "The object is not blinking, no lights were not, as in the films show a silver object, and he changed his flight path, but it was a long distance, and it was hard to tell what shape it."

Oleg admits topic of UFOs and space aliens as a child it is very attractive. Gathering information, reread many books, in his opinion — that was flying in the sky over Kharkiv may qualify for UFOs:

Oleg Tkachenko, an eyewitness, "it was a UFO or not, I will not say, let the experts say, but it seems to me that it was a UFO."

However, Oleg and many more Kharkovites no luck. The mystery of the unknown silver object disclosed! On one of the Kharkov index posted photographs of the place of the spacecraft — fluttering silver balloons with the words "2008 Edition".

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