In Mongolia, archaeologists dug up the grave of the dead 70 million years ago, 15 young dinosaur

DinosaursIn Mongolia, paleontologists have found a nest prototseraptosa — Scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of 15 babies of extinct dinosaurs. All of which are perfectly preserved.

"I can not think of what other species of dinosaurs left in the nest at once so much young," — said in an interview with Discovery News David Fastovsky heading the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Rhode Island, and who, along with his colleagues examined the very nest.

It is a bowl-like shape with a diameter of about 70-80 inches, and scientists believe babies were just buried under the sand during a storm. This occurred 70 million years ago.

Paleontologists believe prototseraptosy keep young in the nest for a while, but what is — still a mystery. But the number of young per nest found suggests that the probability of mortality was quite high — not only from the teeth of predators, but also on heavy duty environments.

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