In Nizhny Novgorod, made the first robot that he thinks and makes decisions

May 5, 2012 9:45

His brain, though not his — rat, and is located at a distance. But what success. A pile of plastic and metal itself to avoid obstacles, can escape from his pursuers. And in the future, promise scientists — a computer that will not be easy to execute commands from the user, and to learn and to act independently. Sounds like something even scary.

Report correspondent of Channel Anastasia Dyakova.

Nizhny Novgorod avatar — looking straight into his eyes. And behind them — living brain. Studies and analyzes. However, at a distance. On the floor — only the wheels and sensors. Thought Center — in a sterile box incubator. Though he swims in the nutrient solution, but is aware of itself — on a moving platform. Therefore, maneuvers, avoiding obstacles.

Alex Pimashkin, scientific coordinator of the project "Neyroanimaty": "Signals from the sensors are fed to live neural network, neural network and generates a response, set in accordance with the rotation of the wheels on the robot."

Eyes — ultrasonic sensors. Command gives the wireless network. Cell signals are converted to images that appear on the monitor. A controls the robot dedicated to science white rat. To understand how the brain works — old dream of science fiction. Connect perfect human intelligence with the power of the machine trying to not only directors blockbusters. Studies carried out for several years in Japan, Italy, USA.

Kevin Warwick, professor: "Do you realize what would happen if we uncover the secret of the brain. It is more than a breakthrough. You understand that humanity will only understanding of how memory works. We will then be able to store all the information! "

The mystery of the human brain in a single Russian Laboratory solves a large team. Biologists, physicians, mathematicians, physicists and engineers have already made a bold hypothesis: a group of cells has a "collective memory", which means that the brain can be grown to teach anything.

Alex Pimashkin, scientific coordinator of the project "Neyroanimaty": "You can apply it to either the robot or to the computer model of the robot, or even a flying rocket, which the self-governing, this is not what is important."

And most importantly, what opportunities open medicine and science of the future. For example, in Britain, already blind receive their sight. Man lost his sight 20 years ago implanted bionic eye. This is the first in the history of surgery: retinal introduced microchip, similar to what is used in the assembly of mobile phone cameras.

Robert MacLaren, professor, surgeon: "The device contains a chip that is complemented by a video camera and transmitter mounted in the frame glasses. They transmit signals to the retina, which contains a tiny chip, and then the information through the optic nerve to the brain. As a result, the patient begins to recognize the basic movement and light. "

Now, not only scientists, but millions zhiteleley planet are sure such studies in the future will change a person's life are more substantial than the invention of the automobile and the computer.

Despite the success, the scientists believe neyroanimat intermediate stage of the study. The next — will be docked "human brain" and a mechanical object. But the ultimate goal is global frighteningly — creating a computer model for the brain to learn and able to make independent decisions.

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