In Nokia phones will be sensors GLONASS

As it became known to RBC daily, this week, Nokia has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of AFK "System" — NIS GLONASS. The companies intend to jointly develop the Russian system geopositioning chips and integrate GLONASS / GPS in the phones the Finnish manufacturer. Now Nokia will be able to avoid paying the 25 per cent customs duty: it will have to deduct all the manufacturers whose devices are not equipped with GLONASS.

The fact that the Finnish phone maker Nokia signed a memorandum with the "Navigation Information Systems", told RBC daily, a source in the telecommunications market. According to the source of RBC daily, the parties agreed on the development of several joint projects, as well as the fact that the Finnish company adapts the technology GLONASS / GPS to their mobile devices and platforms. "Both sides will work to improve the user interface for the service GLONASS, and NIS will attract the Finns to the development of Russian legislation for the use of GLONASS," — said a source in the market.

Among Nokia confirmed a bilateral agreement, but refused to comment further. The press service of NIS GLONASS noted that the agreement will create the conditions for the mass adoption of GLONASS on domestic and foreign consumer markets.

Director of Marketing at Samsung Electronics Sergei Pevnev notes that Samsung is already a distributor for the devices that support satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS. "In the near future will go on sale three new smartphones with integrated dual mode chip. However, some specific agreement with a Russian company, we are not going to sign, "- said Mr. Pevnev.

CEO Denis TelecomDaily Kuskov believes that the decision to integrate the dual mode chip with support for GLONASS / GPS has long been overdue. "The more satellites the device sees, the more accurate its positioning on the ground. In addition, the availability of GLONASS Finnish phone maker will avoid a 25 percent duty on products without appropriate sensors — the Russian government intends to introduce it in January of the coming year, "- recalls the expert.

On the proposal to stop the import of Russian GPS-devices made last summer, the founder of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenko. He said that the introduction of such protective measures necessary for the development of GLONASS in Russia. Then he pointed out that already held preliminary talks with foreign vendors and they are "in principle, agreed." Developed the idea of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, who offered designate protective duties in the amount of 25% of the final equipment. In the summer of this year, Ivanov said that the 25 per cent duty on the import of phones and navigation devices without built-in GLONASS receiver will be effective from January 1, 2012.

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