In Peru, the presentation of the Amazon rain forest as the 7th wonder of the world

 The official presentation of the Amazon rain forest as "the seventh wonder of the world" was held on Monday evening in the north-eastern Peru, reported the Peruvian radio RPP.

The celebration began near the place where the Amazon begins — at river crossings and Itay Nanay. In the pageant of the Amazon jungle, was attended by about 30,000 members of local tribes, educational centers, students, amateur and professional artists. The event was attended by President Ollanta Humala and his wife, as well as ministers of the environment, culture, trade and tourism of the South American country.

Later, President of the Swiss non-profit New Open World Corporation Bernard Weber opened in the city of Iquitos (Loreto region) commemorative bronze plaque, weighing 130 kilograms in honor of the new "miracle." Songs and dances lasted until late in the evening, which ended with colorful fireworks. The holiday was broadcast on giant screens in seven provinces in the region. In its press coverage from the event more than one hundred journalists.

Amazon rainforest — the "lungs of the planet" — are located in multiple countries and cover about seven million square kilometers. Amazon — the longest after the Nile river in the world, originated in Peru, 230 km northeast of Lima and flows at the equator in the Atlantic Ocean. Her name is associated with a tribe of warlike women who lived on its banks.

The "Seven Natural Wonders of the World" was launched in December 2007. Some years are candidates and preliminary selection of 400 tourist sites in 200 countries. The winners were determined by online voting worldwide. In addition to the Amazon rain forest to the list of the "Seven Natural Wonders of the World" includes: Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Jeju Island in South Korea, an underground river of Puerto Princesa City in the Philippines, the island of Komodo in Indonesia, and Table Mountain in South Africa.

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