In Pochaevsky monastery pilgrims go for healing


Summer chapel perfectly complements the ensemble of the monastery.

You can worship the miraculous icon of the brake light and see the healing of the Virgin.

Olesya ANDRIENKO. Photo by the author.

Pochayiv Lavra — a place where year-round crowds come believers and groups of tourists. And anyone who has been there, believes that after a visit to this holy place will be healthier, happier and more successful.

Sinful outfits

This summer Pochayiv Lavra together with a group of tourists went to Lviv and journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Before the trip, I heard a lot of stories about what women and girls at the abbey allowed only in skirts and cover their head with a handkerchief. I have not exposed to the gate, dutifully wore a skirt at home, but it is certainly a scarf in a hurry forgot. The rest of the tourists are not particularly worried because of their clothing: the majority of girls and young women went on a trip in the pants. And rightly so! As it turned out, a long black skirt smell and colorful scarves can be rented for 10 UAH. immediately before entering the monastery.

On a large board in front of the address to the pilgrims reported, in particular, that in the territory of the Holy Dormition Monastery is prohibited "to be in clothing that does not conform to Christian morality, namely men — in shorts and T-shirts women — bareheaded, in skirts above the knees, shorts and trousers. It is also interesting that one of the points of this treatment are prohibited from engaging in illegal business activities of the monastery. And while women with drawers for a variety of donations there was more than befitting. And one more interesting fact — in the complex Pochayevskaya laurels I drew attention to the ad monitor their own bags and purses, as not excluded cases of theft. Here's how! It turns out that for this uglyadet local law enforcement officers can not, and that's the opportunity to make the observation that in sleeveless blouse to the territory of the monastery include improper, they do not miss.

Nor can I ignore another is not very pleasant moment. When our group went guide Pochayevskaya laurels, the first thing he asked our tour guide, was "What the religion of your visitors? '. On this our guide Galina Skremeta replied with dignity: "I never ask the tourists what they worship."

Place of pilgrimage

Pochayiv Monastery consists of a complex of historic buildings built in different years: SvyatoUspenskogo Cathedral (the second half of the XVIII century) Trinity Cathedral (the beginning of XX century), cells (the second half of the XVIII century), Bishop's house (the first half of the XIX century), the bell tower (second half of XIX century), a height of 65 m and a gate body (the first half of XIX century).

Pochayiv Monastery is famous not only for its healing water that gushes out of the source, occurred on the site where the Virgin Mary. There is also a wonder-working icon of the foot is healing and even the Virgin. Generally Pochaevskaya laurel, which is not far from Kremenets Ternopil region, considered to be the largest Orthodox shrine of the Western Ukraine and the second in Ukraine after Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

According to information reaching us, the founders of the monastery on these lands were KievoPecherskogo monks of the monastery, who in 1240 fled the Tatar invasion. The first room of the monastery were caves in the mountains, and the first building — a small wooden church of the Assumption, which was built in the XIII century on the northern slope. According to legend, it was then a column of fire on the mountain Pochayevskaya monks was the Virgin Mary with a crown on his head and a scepter in his hand. This phenomenon has meant that land RusiUkrainy would suffer, survive a lot of troubles and wars, but under the protection of the Mother of God will survive and be reborn. After the appearance of the witnesses of this event — monks and shepherds climbed the mountain, where there was most pure, and saw the stone imprint of her right foot, of which began to hit the source.

In the first half of the XVII century, followed by the feet of the Virgin built a stone church dedicated to the Holy Trinity. And in the first half of the nineteenth century with the money of the Polish magnate Nicholas Potocki on the former site of the Church of the Holy Trinity built a new church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. The majestic Cathedral of the Assumption Pochayevskaya laurels — a classic example of Ukrainian Baroque.

The miraculous power

Everyone who crosses the threshold of the cathedral, draws attention to the gilded bronze ark for a small fence at the first column on the right. Above it — the icon of the Mother of God in the pillar of fire on the mountain Pochayevskaya, and at the bottom of the ark, behind glass — the image of the Holy Mother of God Tselbonosnoy. By the way, the church can have a drink and dial into a bottle of water from the holy spring.

Another decoration of the Cathedral of the Assumption — the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which in 1559 brought to these places Bulgarian Metropolitan Neophyte. It gave the church the owner of the land Anna gentile. Salary icons made of gold and precious stones. According to legend, due to the presence of this icon Pochaevskije monastery, in 1675, the Turks retreated from the monastery.

The heyday of the monastery associated with the activities in the XVII century abbot of Job fairings. And it is not by chance that the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on August 28 and September 10 of Reverend Job thousands of pilgrims come here to pray. They want healthy water to wash and kiss the miraculous icon of the Virgin, kneel at the feet of the Mother of God and the relics of St. Job.

In 2000, in honor of the birth of Christ 2000letiya at the complex was built as an open-air chasovnyutserkov for summer worship.


Objects of worship in Pochayiv Lavra:

Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God Pochayevskaya — the gift of Anna gentile;
Pochayevskaya miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Kiev;
Healing Foot and an icon of the Mother of God "Appearance of the Virgin in the pillar of fire on the mountain Pochayevskaya";
Icon of the Mother of God Girondissi — a copy of the miraculous icon of Mount Athos;
Icon "Savior of the crown of thorns";
The relics of St. Job of Pochaev;
The relics of St. Amfilohija Pochaev.

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