In Primorye Akulenok found dead from a dangerous family of mako

Scientists investigated stranded in Primorye baby shark carcass and came to the conclusion that it is from the family of mako sharks dangerous, a representative of which was attacked last year by 16-year-old diver, said on Friday at a press conference in Vladivostok, a leading researcher at the Institute of Marine Biology Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Vladimir Dolganov.

Akulenko carcass was found on the North shore of the bay in the Khasan district of Primorye Territory.

"This shark — the culprit second attack in the past year per person in Primorye. Cub small, I did not see him, but, according to colleagues, about a meter in length," — said Dolganov

According to him, the second of July carcass delivered to Vladivostok.

"The appearance of sharks for Primorye — the norm, and they come every year. Just before about cases of shark attacks were not informed and did not know for sure," — he stressed.

According Dolganova, increased activity of sharks off the coast in the past year has caused unusually high sea temperature and air (above the norm by 1.5 degrees).

"Clearly, this increase is insignificant and imperceptible to humans, but the fish feel it and as a result extends the area feeding" — told Dolganov.

In the second half of August 2011 in Primorye were three cases of shark attacks on tourists. Since August 17, the predator attacked a 25-year-old Dennis Udovenko Telyakovskii at bay, bit off his hands. A day later, on 18 August, the island Zheltukhina shark attacked a 16-year-old diver Valeria Sidorovich, biting his legs. At the end of August on the "wild" beach at the village of Slav in the Khasan district predatory fish has bitten a local resident for the forearm.

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